Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun Foto Friday (with videos)

Busy, busy, busy is the life with small kids! Here are a few of the ways they have entertained us lately-
Last Friday Cruz's school let the kids all wear regular clothes that day but they had to pay 2 Quetzals in order to do it (about .25 cents).  The money went towards the activities for "Dia del Nino".  Cruz is OBSESSED with this grey t-shirt lately.  He wants to wear it every single day.   It's a little small for him, but he loves it.  He was SOO proud to get to wear it to school.  Here he is playing before we took him that day.  He has his "gas can" about to put gas in his car. 

This is a rare moment- both boys sitting down, being still, and being quiet. 
my little Kings
I love fall!  I love it, love it, love it!!!  I am so sad that I am not in the States this month to enjoy all the sights and smells of fall.  It's just a "make you feel all warm inside" time of the year.  Instead I've been incorporating some fall into our meals.  So far this month we've made pumpkin shaped jello jigglers.  I've baked a pumpkin pie and three loaves of chocolate chip pumpkin bread.  It might not feel like fall (because it's been 90+ degrees!) but it sure has been smelling and tasting like it.
   the boys on our recent trip to Copan, Honduras

Ben loves doing whatever Cruz does.  That includes craft projects like coloring and painting.  The other day I needed to do some cooking so I decided to put Ben in his chair and gave him the washable markers to draw on his tray.  I cannot believe I have not thought of that sooner!  He loved it and it kept him entertained for a while.  Afterwards they both washed right up.  I'll be doing that again. 

TA DA!!!  I was in our office one morning recently and Cruz came running in to show me that he had dressed himself.  Again, there's his favorite shirt, his favorite shorts, and his favorite shoes. 

I never got around to posting this video but here's Cruz attempting to sing the national anthem of Guatemala.  He gets a good start (although I have no idea what he is saying) and then stops.  It is definitely his favorite song to sing lately.  I need to get a video of another song he likes to sing.  The words are "behold, behold, I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock..."  It's a kids Sunday School song.  Instead of saying "behold" though Cruz goes around singing "frijol, frijol, I stand at the door..." It's funny how your ears hear things. 

My sweet sleeping boy!  You'll notice in his hand is a pair of white gloves.  Originally for the Independence Day parade all of the kids were to wear white gloves with their uniforms.  I had bought Cruz's gloves early and he was super excited about getting to wear them.  Then at the last minute he got asked to wear the Tecun Uman costume which meant he didn't get to use his gloves.  He was a little sad about that.  Instead he has played with them every day at home.  He asks all the time for help putting them on.  He loves those white gloves!

My sweet sleeping Ben!

I call this collage "swinging in the rain".  My kids love the rain.  Mostly because we do not get much of it and when we do it's a fun treat.  They both almost immediately start pulling off their clothes and wanting to play in it.  This particular day Cruz had a blast getting to swing in it.

Here's a short video of a hail storm that followed.  The hail was not big, but Cruz was amazed by it.

This wagon was a good buy for our kids.  They both love it and play with it often.    Ben loves for us to pull him around in it as you can see by the looks on his face.

Here's a video of Ben and David one afternoon.

Well, that's it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by and faithfully reading our blog.  Have a great weekend everyone!  TGIF!

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