Monday, October 21, 2013

Ag Institute Graduation Service

The training at the Ag Center in Honduras went very well. Many of you had been praying for it and we say a big "Thank You". David had driven back and forth many nights over the two weeks to teach the nightly Bible study and that went very well also. Almost each of the students during their time of sharing talked about the Bible study time and how much they enjoyed it and thanked David for teaching them. That made all of those trips worth it. We pray that God will use those Bible stories to soften their hearts and open their eyes to a relationship with Him.

We arrived in time to fellowship some before supper was served. Afterwards we all gathered around and had a small graduation service.
the students getting seated for the program

Dan started us off with prayer and a greeting and then each student was given a time to share what the training meant to them.  Afterwards the other Ag Center workers were given a time to share.  Below is Mr. Harold sharing with the students and Dan is translating for him.  Both are very passionate about the work there!

Mr. Harold Watson and Dan Watson
I love to see this father and son working together.  It blesses my heart.  I can only pray that as our boys  grow older they will still have a heart to minister with us wherever that may be.

Each student was then called up one at a time and presented with a graduation certificate.  Dan did the presentation.  Below are two collages showing each of the eleven students receiving theirs.

a group photo of the students and Dan

Dr. Jimmy Stewart, Mr. Harold Watson, Dan Watson, me, and David
Jimmy, Mr. Harold, and Mr. Perry (pictured in an earlier post) all live in Mississippi close to our home.  We are looking forward to seeing them while we are there.

We all enjoyed some cake before saying our goodbye's.  The students returned home on Friday.  Please pray for the follow-up that will begin soon in each of their homes and villages.

This was our last Institute Training to be a part of before our Stateside Assignment but we will be looking forward to getting back involved with it as soon as we return to Guatemala.  It has been a great partnership for us and we look forward to seeing how God is going to use us and the training in the years to come.

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