Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Salt Painting

I follow a page on facebook called KinderJam.  I love it!   They post some great ideas for kids.  One day last week they shared a link on how to do salt painting.  It looked fairly easy and I had all of the supplies so when Cruz got up from his nap that afternoon we tried it out.  He was a big fan!
You start out by squeezing glue onto a piece of paper.  The instructions said to draw pictures but I just let him do what he wanted.

You then sprinkle salt over it.  He loved this part.

Next he took some paint (water mixed with food coloring) and using a paint brush he "painted" the salt and glue.  He loved the way the paint would bleed into the salt. 

His paper got a little more wet than the ones on the link but it still turned out pretty to me.  Even for a wild child like ours this activity really kept his attention.  He worked for a long while on his paper.  He liked it so much that when he finished he asked if he could do another one.  Well of course I said YES. 

and here's my little "can't be still if his life depended on it" child when he was done.  Such a goofball!!!

                                     I'm pretty sure we'll be doing this activity again soon!

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