Monday, September 23, 2013

Overnight in Copan

On Saturday afternoon we made a trip over to Copan, Honduras. We were scheduled to attend a baptismal service early Sunday morning and instead of getting up early and crossing the border we just made a last minute decision to go a day ahead and make a little fun out of it. We had not been to Copan since May and had not spent the night there since last December. 

We waited until after lunch to leave so the boys would sleep in the car on the drive over.  After checking into a hotel our first stop (as always) was Cafe Welches for some coffee and dessert.   It's one of my favorite places in town.
Watching the world pass by from the balcony of Cafe Welches in Copan, Honduras.  It overlooks the Central Park which is the center of town, and always busy.

Their carrot cake is by far my favorite dessert. 

my and my Cruzie Man  
I let him have some of the whip cream off of my Maya Frozen (frappe)

a little family snapshot before leaving the cafe

I took this before photo last December when we were there last.  The place we like to stay decided to put in a pool.  That makes it an extra incentive to want to stay there, ha.  Here is a little comparison. The whole right side is only knee deep so it's perfect for small kids.

The water was cool but that didn't stop the boys from jumping right in.  It was a great way for them to burn some energy.

he's a mess!

I call this collage "the many faces of Cruz".  He crawled into my lap and said "take our picture, mommy".  Every time I took one he would look at himself on the camera and start laughing and say "do it again!".  He's a funny boy!

We also took a little time to walk around town and visit a few shops.  We like to see if we can find food products that we don't get here in Guatemala.  We didn't have much luck on this trip but we did find a few things.  One of those was a Strawberry Crush.  Sometimes the simplest things can get us soo excited.  ha  We also bought a bag of Munchies chip mix (it has Doritos, pretzels, Sun Chips, and Cheetos in it).  We went back to the room, poured some in a big bowl, and all sat in the middle of the bed and had a "picnic" while watching Dora.  David and I enjoyed our Crush with it.  It was simple fun and our boys loved it!

It made me think of my favorite childhood soda- Nehi peach.  Oh how I wish I could find one of those!

Later that evening we went out for supper at Jim's Pizza.  It was delicious as always.  He had some live music playing, in English, and we all enjoyed listening to it.  It was great entertainment for the boys.  Here's a short video of Ben dancing to "Under the Boardwalk".   They had fun.


After some time of letting the boys run around the Central park bedtime was next on the agenda.  We had to get an early start on Sunday morning so we all needed some rest.  I don't know about the boys but mama and daddy were pooped.

I'll try to post about the baptisms tomorrow.

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