Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Morning Up The Mountain

This morning after we dropped Cruz off at school David, Ben, and I headed up the mountain to the village of Lagunetas.  We were joined there by a few of the workers from the Ag Center in Honduras.  They were coming over to do some teaching in the village.   Obando and Noe were meeting with the men to teach agriculture and Marcia was meeting with the ladies to do health promotion.   We were there to visit and be an encouragement.   The Ag workers are coming over every other week to teach health and agriculture and we are offsetting it with Bible studies every other Saturday.   They will continue to make regular visits to the village while we are on Stateside.  That will keep an open door for us to return once we get back from our break. 

While there we also needed to talk with some of the leaders about the possibility of sending more students from that village to the next Agriculture Institute.  The next two week training class will begin around the first of October in Honduras.  The village of Lagunetas is sending two more students.  For us that is two more prospects for sharing God's Word.  Please be in prayer for this upcoming training.  The last two we tried to do as an outreach for the village of Tunuco Arriba were both cancelled.  This one will be a combination of people from Guatemalan and Honduran villages.    Pray for God to prepare the hearts of those who will be coming to study.

Before leaving we confirmed our next Bible study for this coming Saturday morning and said our goodbye's.  We'll be looking forward to returning in just a few short days.

Obando, Noe, Marcia, David, and Ben

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