Monday, September 30, 2013

In With A Bounce Out With A Bang

Weekends around here lately have been pretty busy, but we like it that way though so it's good. This past weekend was full and fun!  Here are some photos of how we spent our time-
Friday night we were back at the food court.  We noticed a bounce house when we entered the mall and promised the boys that after we ate supper we would return and let them jump.  What we didn't know was that the bounce house was an advertisement for a new food vendor.  In order to enter it you had to show your receipt that you bought something from that place.  So, since we had promised the boys they could jump (and they were screaming to get in) and we had already eaten supper elsewhere, David ended up having to go to that food booth and buying something to have a receipt.  He picked out a strawberry milkshake to share that made us all happy.  The boys were the only ones in there for the time being and they had a blast!

They seemed to be jumping together so good at least until I started videoing them.  Then Cruz proceeds to tackle his little brother at every opportunity.   Poor little Ben!  He didn't seem to mind though and never cried.

We were up and out early Saturday morning to lead Bible study in the village of Lagunetas.   While waiting to get started Cruz had some fun with the chickens.  My boys both love chickens!  Cruz has already asked me if there were going to be chickens in the States, ha.

He got to watch the family feed corn to this these chickens.  It fascinated him.  The family had just given us a large bag of corn they had grown a few days before when we were there.  I had boiled some on Friday and cut it off the cob for Cruz to eat.  When Cruz saw this he said, "mommy, those chickens are eating corn just like me".  He's a funny boy.

They also had some guisquil growing.  I mentioned guisquil in our Independence Day post.  I had made a dessert out of it.  I was able to remind Cruz of our dessert and tell him that what we ate was the same thing growing on that vine.  Again, he was fascinated.

They gave us a few guisquil (they said to put in Cruz's soup) and a bowl full of jocote.  Jocote are a type of fruit grown here. 

We then split up and I went off to teach the kids and David taught the teens and adults.  It was the first time since her accident that Damaris was able to join us (she was the girl who was run over by a motorcycle back in early July).  We meet down the hill from her house and she was not able to get down it with her hurt leg.  I was very happy to have her back.  She is a sweet girl!   Her next checkup is at the end of October and she hopes to be cleared to walk crutch free after that.  Please continue to pray for complete healing for her leg and foot.

me and Damaris

We got home in time for me to cook us a mid-morning snack (bean and cheese quesadillas), put Ben down for a quick nap, bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and then head out again.  We had a 1:00 missionary fellowship to attend at a fellow missionaries house in Chiquimula. 
a group photo from our luncheon

They served pizza and we all brought drinks and desserts to go with it.  My very favorite was this veggie pizza.  It had carrots, green beans, zucchini, and broccoli on it.  I loved it!

Sunday morning Bro. Nahum drove over from Honduras early to meet David so the two of them could travel to the village of Nearar.  They thought they were going for a Lord's Supper service but after arriving realized that the schedule got changed and they would be doing discipleship instead along with a worship service.  The group had decided to do the Lord's Supper on Saturday instead. 

Here's fellow IMB missionary David Miller leading a discipleship class on Sunday morning.

David returned home after lunch and as soon as Cruz woke up from his nap he and I headed into Chiquimula to go see "Jake and the Pirates" Live.  It was a cute show and Cruz just loved it!  I enjoyed getting to have some one-on-one time with him.  He was such a sweet boy the whole time we were gone. 

me and my big guy waiting for the show to start

Cubby, Izzy, and Jake

Mr. Smee and Captain Hook

Afterwards Cruz chose supper at McDonald's.  He wanted a grilled cheese and a strawberry sundae.

Cruz in the grocery store

We then made a quick run through the grocery store to pick up a few items I needed for the next few days.  We have visitors driving in today to stay with us.  We're looking forward to some time of fellowship with them while they are here.  

Our days seem busy, but they sure are good!

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