Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cruz's School Dinner Gala

Last week Cruz's school celebrated their 2nd anniversary. I would equate it to a homecoming week at a school in the States. Every day was filled with different activities and themes. On Wednesday night they had a Dinner Gala for everyone. During this time they introduced the class representatives and had almost a pageant-like show. We knew about the program ahead of time but that was the extent of it until the day before it was to take place. On Tuesday they finally told me what Cruz needed to wear. I found out (with a little more than a 24 hour notice) that he would need to dress in casual wear, sports wear, and formal wear. I almost croaked right there on the spot because for someone like me who is big on planning ahead that was enough to almost send me over the top.

There was no way I could get to town that afternoon so we dropped Cruz off at school on Wednesday morning and drove into Chiquimula. We headed straight to the thrift store (Mega Paca) praying all the way that I would find something ha ha. Thankfully I found a pair of black dress pants in his size and three kid ties. I got the one that looked best with the black pants and we left. In the meantime David found him a new long sleeve white dress shirt at another store. I breathed a sigh of relief. Now, I am fully aware that his tie is too long, BUT given the situation at hand I think it turned out just right. Unfortunately I realized after I got home that the zipper on the tie I had bought was broken. ugh! We were able to make it work to get through the program though. Was I stressed about this whole situation??? Oh my- words cannot describe it.

When all was said and done the program turned out great. It was a lot of fun for Cruz and his schoolmates. He loved changing outfits and REALLY loved being on stage in front of everyone. He was a little ham and definitely a crowd favorite. Here are some photos and videos from the night-
Cruz in all three of his outfits.  He chose to be a baseball player for his sports wear.  Thankfully I was able to throw some things together that we already had to make that work.  I get tickled when I look at these pictures and realize how much I do shop at the thrift store.  Almost everything he is wearing in these photos has been purchased from there- his yellow Polo shirt, his jeans, his soccer cleats, his sport shorts, his baseball helmet, his black pants, and his tie.  I love the Mega Paca!!!

The program was held at a larger neighboring school in Jocotan.  It took place under a covered basketball court that they have.  That was good because it rained most of the afternoon and night.

One of the table decorations
They had skewered marshmallows stuck in the table decorations.  I was not sure if they were to eat or just look at but it drove Cruz crazy wanting to eat them.  I was also not sure just how many hands had touched them so we left them alone.  He was not happy. 

The kids were presented three different times wearing each of their outfits.  They began with casual wear.  Each time the kids had to walk out, model, and be introduced.  A few times they got to speak into the microphone.  Cruz loved that!

Cruz getting introduced in his casual wear

striking a pose, ha ha

After all the kids were introduced in casual wear they did a little entertaining with song.  Let me just warn you that the video is a little long AND I am not sure why my kid acted like he had ants in his pants.  He had just gone to use the restroom so that was not the issue either.   David said he was trying to do his M.C. Hammer impression, ha.  I was a little embarrassed but the crowd loved it.  (doesn't everyone secretly love it when someone else's kid is the one acting up)

sports wear time

having a little interview/ question and answer time with the school director- Mrs. Jane

Cruz with his buds Joselin and Diana

my handsome little guy

A video of Cruz being introduced in his formal wear. 

This pretty much sums up Cruz the whole night.  He was a "dancing king".  He moved non-stop.  Even when all of the other kids were lined up across the stage he chose to dance around them.  He put on a show much to this mama's disliking.

When the program was over they served everyone food (we had pre-bought food tickets).  They served chicken in a cheese sauce, Spanish rice, a potato, and a tortilla.  We ate and then headed home.  It was late and we had been there for what seemed like forever.  Cruz had himself a blast.  Seeing the joy on his face made all the preparation stress just seem to fade away (well, sorta).

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