Thursday, September 5, 2013

Clowning Around In His First Parade

Last Friday afternoon to end the week of anniversary celebrations Cruz's school had a parade.  It was his first parade to walk in so we were both a little excited.  His teacher told me on Thursday that he would need to dress up as a clown (don't you just love these last minute notices).   I made a call to a local friend who I knew had some kids clown suits and we were able to borrow one for him.   The only problem was she could not find the small ones so we had to take one that was a little too big.    David had the idea of letting him wear his black boots (which he loves anyway) and just tucking the extra inside.   That worked out great.   I rolled up his sleeves and we set out.   We also borrowed a rainbow clown wig but he decided at the last minute not to wear it because he said everyone would laugh.   Well thank goodness he didn't consider the rest of his outfit and face to be laugh worthy, ha ha.

The school note said to be there at 2:00. We waited until 2:30 to arrive because I knew it would not be on time.   I wish I was not so time conscience!  It's just that when someone tells me a time I feel like I have to be there.  I do not like to be late for anything.  I also feel like the one time I do purposefully go late will be the one time that something actually starts on time and I'll miss it.  Anyway, the parade kicked off promptly at 3:45 p.m.
Cruz's teacher arrived at 3:15 and painted the kids faces.  Cruz loves having his face painted!

my little clown

Miss Olexi, Joselin, and Cruz

the banner at the head of the parade advertising the school

The whole 1.5 hours that we waited to get started it was nice and sunny.  Just as we started to line up the clouds moved in and it began to rain.  It rained during most all of the parade.

the preschool and kindergarten kids walked in the front

getting ready to go.  He was pretty excited.

some of the elementary kids getting lined up

here we go...  
I walked along side of them to keep an eye on Cruz and also to take pictures.  

Here's a short video of them getting started-

You can see the rain here.  Everyone was soaked!  Thankfully I thought to put an umbrella in my bag.  I was also very glad Cruz had his boots on at this point.

These poor first grade girls were so wet but they did not seem to mind.  (On another note on Wednesday Cruz attended the birthday party of the little girl with the yellow hairbow.  He's three, she's seven.  What am I going to do about these older women, ha ha)

Cruz and Joselin handed out suckers to all the kids along the parade route.  They were red suckers.  Now if you know much about Cruz you'll know that 1)  he LOVES anything red  and 2)  he LOVES suckers.  So you can imagine the problem this caused when he was asked to do that.  He was not wanting to share!  I assured him that at the end of the parade he could have one all for himself and that helped lift his spirits and entice him to give them away.

His group stopped three different times along the route to do their dance.   

dancing for the crowds

Here's a video of them in action-

After the second time of dancing I went ahead and opened his sucker.  He was wet, tired, and getting done.

The older kids were in the back

some of the school band

This little granny walked the whole parade with us.  She got in the very front behind the truck that played music and she danced her little heart out.  I do not think she was intended to be a part of the group but she sure made herself at home.  I got so many laughs out of watching her.  She was a ball of energy!!!

Here are some videos of the "dancing granny"-

The parade ended at the school and we were happy to be greeted there by these two smiling faces.  As if our afternoon was not already full of activity we got in the car, ran home to change clothes and shoes, and then drove into Chiquimula to eat supper at McDonald's and let the kids play.  It was just a fun way to end our day and busy week.  

The parade was a lot of fun even in spite of the rain.  Cruz drew a lot of attention and I wish I had a dollar for every picture that was taken of him with a cell phone, ha.  He was a good sport about it though and smiled for most of them.  We are looking forward to getting to do it again soon when we celebrate Guatemala's Independence Day later this month.  I just LOVE a parade!!!

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