Monday, August 26, 2013

Miss Fran's Farewell

We made a trip into Guatemala City last week to attend a farewell dinner for Miss Fran. It took place on Tuesday night at a restaurant in the Capital. Everyone who had worked with her and knew her over the years was invited to attend. It was a special time to celebrate all that she has done over the past 57 years.

She arrived on the mission field as a single 30 year old and gave her entire life to teaching literacy and Bible translation. Because of her hard work and dedication the Kekchi now have the entire Bible translated into their heart language.  She taught many how to read and write.  She also taught many missionaries the Kekchi language. We were very fortunate to be two of her past students. Our time of language study with Miss Fran is one of my favorite times on the mission field so far. I just enjoyed spending that time with her and learning not only language but culture as well. She did a lot to invest in us and we will forever be grateful to her for that.

She will now be enjoying her retirement at an assisted living facility in Alabama. We hope to travel there and visit her on our next trip to the States.

She will be greatly missed here in Guatemala by many but her work and legacy will continue on through the many lives that she touched.

The party was very nice.  We enjoyed a formal dinner in a private dining room.  The program consisted of skits, open mic for sharing stories and words of thanks, and a beautiful slide show with photos from all of Fran's years on the mission field.  It was a sweet time for all who were there.   I didn't take many photos (because taking care of a 1 and 3 year old, and keeping them entertained in that formal setting was HARD work, haha), but here are a few I snapped-

meal time  
We sat with the Groff's and the Wiseman's who still work with the Kekchi and also the Carother's who are IMB missionaries that will be retiring in October.  We'll attend their farewell next month.

The meal was very delicious!  We had bacon wrapped chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots, a vegetable salad, rolls, tres leche cake, naranjada's and coffee.  They also served beef as a meat option.  YUMMY!

At the end of the program everyone gathered around Miss Fran and spent some time praying for her.  It was sweet.

Many of us were staying the night at our mission house in Guatemala City so that meant we also got to see her on Wednesday morning before her flight to the States. 
our family with Miss Fran

Please pray for her as she transitions to life in the States.  Pray that it would be an easy adjustment, that she would make many friends right away, and most of all that she would find ways to use her gifts and talents to serve the Lord there.  I know that is the desire of her heart- it always has been. 

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