Monday, August 19, 2013

Ben's 16 Month Update

Ben is now 16 months old!
*   He is wearing 12 and 18 month clothes
*   He is wearing size 3 diaper
*   He is wearing size 4 shoes
*   His hair is light brown
*   His eyes are gray
*   He has 8 teeth with another one about to cut through
*   He is a peculiar child and likes things to be just like he wants them. (he gets that honest)
*   With that being said, he knows what he wants and doesn't want and he is not shy to let you know.
*   He can be extremely moody- happy one minute, (loudly) screaming and crying the next.
*   We often call him "Sweet Ben" but there are days that I say he is mean as a snake.  He has a BIG temper to be such a little boy.
*   He is not big on sharing and thinks Cruz is supposed to give him everything he wants.  Poor Cruz usually gives in and lets him have his way.
*   When he gets mad he will slap and hit (and grunt, and scream, and cross his arms...)  Oh boy he can get mad!

*   He loves his brother!  He watches everything Cruz does and then tries his hardest to do the same things.
*   Nobody can make him laugh and smile like Cruz can.
*   He loves to try to ride Cruz's bike.
*   He loves trucks and cars and makes their noises when playing with them.
*   He loves to kick a ball like he is playing soccer.
*   He likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Curious George, and the Backyardigans.

*   He likes us to chase him.
*   He likes to play peek-a-boo.
*   He likes to play hide and seek.
*   He loves music.  He will dance, stomp his feet, clap, and wave his arms.
*   He is a climber!
*   He loves books but prefers ones that have animals in them.  If it is a picture book he only points to the animals and not the other things.  He knows which books have animals in them and which ones do not.  He will pull all of his books off the shelf to find the one particular book he is looking for.  He loves to climb up into our laps and look at books.

*   He loves to wave hello and goodbye.
*   He blows kisses to everyone he sees.
*   He is a daddy's boy.
*   He is still in a clingy stage and will often only let one of us hold him.
*   He loves to get our framed pictures and carry them around.  He will point to each of us.
*   He loves for us to push him in the stroller.
*   He is very ticklish.
*   He sleeps and naps well although he has been waking up much earlier lately.  We would prefer him to sleep until 6:30 or 7:00.
*   He still sucks his left thumb when sleepy.
*   He is a blanket baby and wants his blue minky dot blanket all the time.  We have started only letting him have it at bedtime to try to curb some of his thumb sucking.
*   He still eats well.  He loves fruit and any type of bread.  He likes PBJ's and pizza.  He loves cheese and yogurt.  He drinks milk with all of his meals. 

He is a sweet baby and fairly easy to parent. He makes us smile each and every day. We are thankful to have him in our family, and cannot imagine life without him in it. He is a precious little boy!

Happy 16 month birthday, Ben!
You are very loved!!!

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