Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend With The Wiseman's

Over the weekend we enjoyed a visit with our missionary friends James and Delrae Wiseman.  We first met them back in late 2007 when we were living in Coban.  In January 2008 we all began studying the Kekchi language together with Miss Fran.  We spent most all of that year taking classes together three days a week.  During that time we built a great bond with them and have remained great friends ever since.  We spent many nights at each others houses eating meals together and playing cards and board games.  We just love them and always have a great time fellowshipping together.  We were very excited when they made plans to come spend the weekend with us!

They drove over on Friday and we met them for lunch at Pollo Campero in Chiquimula.  They then followed us home.  The boys took naps and we spent the afternoon catching up.  That night we grilled hamburgers for supper and after putting the boys to bed we made frappuccinos and played Phase 10.  It was just like old times.

James and Delrae with the boys before bedtime on Friday night

We offered them a few things to go do on Saturday but they just wanted to hang out and visit.  That was fine with us so we spent all day at home.  We all took turns playing with the kids.  Cruz especially enjoyed playing soccer and baseball with James.   

Cruz, me, and Delrae

Saturday night we drove into Chiquimula and went to eat at the steak house at Los Laurelles.  After we ordered we spent some time walking around and looking at all the animals they have there.  It is one of Cruz's favorite places to go.

James helping Cruz pet the donkey.

That brown and white goat was a newborn.  It was so cute!

the boys (look at Ben's dirty legs!!!)

They have a small island where several monkey's live.  Cruz loves to watch them.  Here he is being a gorilla-
my silly little monkey man!

The boys also enjoyed playing on the new playground they are building there.  It's just a fun place to visit, and the food is great too!

James, David, Ben, Cruz, me, and Delrae

They left on Sunday morning when David left to go to Bible study.  We were sad to see them go.  Before leaving they took time to encourage and pray for our family and ministry.  It was very uplifting and just a perfect way to end our great weekend together.  We are thankful for their friendship and glad that God brought them into our lives. 

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  1. Greetings to this missionaries to Guatemala. I hope the kids enjoyed the animals, always a beautiful frame!


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