Monday, July 22, 2013

The Weekend

When we picked Cruz up from school on Friday I randomly took a  picture of him sitting in his old car seat.  It make me stop and think-
my how quickly this sweet little baby...

has become this rowdy little preschooler!  
Rowdy or not- I love him to the moon and back!

After afternoon naps we drove into Chiquimula for our weekly night out.  We ate supper at Pollo Campero.  We were joined by our friends the Byrds.   Them joining us on Friday nights is becoming a tradition.  We love it!

On Saturday morning we headed up the mountain to the village of Lagunetas to do Bible study.  David taught the adults and I had the children.  It was cool up there so we put our jackets on.  It didn't take us long to shed them though once we returned home.  It's definitely not cool at our house. 

me and Cruz with a few of the girls
Most of the kids had already scattered when we took this picture.   Our story was on baby Moses.  Our memory verse was 1 John 4:7 "Love One Another".  We made posters with the verse on it.  As the kids were coloring Cruz began teaching them the colors in English.  They loved it and he had fun too. 

Cruz's memory verse poster

Ben didn't get his normal long morning nap so that meant he took a longer afternoon nap.  Once the kids were asleep we both laid down with them.  It is rare that our whole family naps at the same time but when it happens it is nice.

The rest of the day and night were spent playing.  The boys have both always loved playing in the dirt but lately they have become a little more obsessed with it.  They will fill the wheelbarrow numerous times each day and then dump it out and refill it.  They play with their tools and cars in the dirt.  It is fun watching them enjoy it together but oh my do they get dirty!

Our biggest struggle is getting Ben to not eat the dirt.

On Sunday morning David traveled to the village of Nearar for Bible study.  Last week our friends David and Glynis Miller hosted a team there.  They did a lot of visiting door to door while the team was here.  The Bible study had a good turn out as a result of that. 

The kids and I were home.  After I put Ben down for a nap Cruz and I spent the morning playing.  We colored, cut with scissors, played games, played cards, had a scavenger hunt, did homework, painted, watched cartoons, ate snacks...  It was a fun morning just the two of us.

Here's a little video of Ben walking on Sunday morning

my little artist

Does it get dull around here???  NEVER!  ha ha

Here's a little video of Cruz in action.  I don't think he could be still if his life depended on it.

and here's a little video of them both playing together in the tent on Sunday afternoon.

We grilled hot dogs for Sunday supper and that's how we wrapped our weekend up. 

Today after we pick Cruz up from school we will drive into Guatemala City.  Tomorrow morning we will begin doing our medical testing for the mission board.  We have to all have complete physicals and check-ups as part of our term ending and beginning our Stateside time.  Before we will be allowed to return to the mission field to begin our next term we will have to have complete medical clearance from the mission board.  So we all have a week full of doctor's visits.  I am dreading it a lot, but mostly because it is going to be a hard week with our kids.  I am already stressing thinking about entertaining them in doctor office waiting rooms all week.  UGH.  Pray for us, will ya?

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