Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Weekend

We had planned on doing Bible study in both villages this past weekend but both got cancelled. That left us without much going on. Bummer!
On Friday night we drove into Chiquimula to eat supper. We went to McDonald's. Ben has started wanting to play on the playlands with his brother. The playland at the McDonald's in Chiquimula is tall. Before we could realize it Ben had crawled up onto the platform and made his way up the spiral steps all the way to the top. He played there a while with his brother and then cried for me to come get him. So I climbed up the tunnel and brought him down. It was definitely not build for tall people ha ha. You can see Cruz peeking out of the top. Ben was behind him.

On Saturday morning we loaded the kids in the car (still in their pajamas) and drove them down the road to an empty lot to let them play. We took Cruz's wheelbarrow and garden tools. They had a fun time! You will notice Cruz has on soccer shoes with his pj's. We have been looking everywhere for him a pair to wear to his lessons but couldn't find a pair small enough for him. We finally found a pair at the Mega Paca (second hand store). He loves them and wants to wear them all the time.

David helped them use the tools from Cruz's toolbox to break rocks. Simple fun!

While they played I enjoyed these amazing views. We live in a beautiful country!

Saturday afternoon we were invited by our friends to attend an outreach they were doing with a volunteer team. In addition to a soccer tournament they had a couple things for the kids to do. I'll post more about that tomorrow.

Afterwards to went to eat pizza. Both boys enjoyed playing while we waited on our food.

What I love most about this restaurant is their frozen orange juice drinks. So yummy on a hot day.

Look at that face. Pizza is one of his favorite foods. I'd say he was enjoying it!

The best part of our weekend was Ben deciding to start walking. He has been taking his sweet time, but is on the move and making up for it now. Here's a short video of him in action at the restaurant.
Sunday was spent at home. David made a visit with our family in Lagunetas. On Thursday of last week one of their daughters was hit by a motorcycle while crossing the road at the market with her mama. She has been in the hospital ever since. She was supposed to have surgery on her leg today but the doctor cancelled all of his surgeries for the day. We are now waiting to hear when it will be rescheduled. She will remain in the hospital until then. Her mom is 8 months pregnant and staying with her. Her dad is home with their other 6 kids. Would you pray for her and her family during this time? Thanks!

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