Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Poking And Prodding

As I mentioned in my last post we traveled into Guatemala City on Monday.  We first stopped for lunch at McDonald's in Chiquimula before getting on the road. 
here's Ben wanting to sit in a chair like a big boy

Both boys slept for the majority of the trip.  That made for a pleasant drive in. 


We arrived at our mission house in time to unload, unpack, stretch our legs, and let the boys play a minute.  We then got back in the car and went out for supper.  We ate at the IHOP.  It is always a delicious meal there!   
a little playtime at the IHOP in Guatemala City
(I just love Ben's cute little grin in this picture)

David and I both were awake most of the night.  Maybe it was anxiety over the next few days of check-ups or maybe it was all the coffee we drank at supper.  Who knows, but it was a long night for us and made for a long day on Tuesday. 

It wasn't until I got us all dressed on Tuesday morning that I realized we were all wearing blue.  I insisted on a quick family photo before we left for the doctor (even though we were running late).

Our first stop was the Proctologist.  Let me just say without going into any details that it was our first experience with this type of doctor and oh boy was it an experience.  Yikes!  I am glad that's over ha ha.  Our appointment was at 9:00.  When we made that appointment we were not taking into consideration that it is Ben's nap time and that when he is sleepy he likes to be laid down. Just as we arrived and checked in he began to get cranky.  Within minutes he was in full blown melt down mode.  I am sure that everyone on that medical building floor could hear him (and probably the floors above and below us too).  He was loud and kept it going for at least 45 long, brutal minutes.  To make matters worse our 9:00 appointments turned in to us not getting called back until 10:30!  We were a little bit unnerved.  While waiting David ended up going to the car to get the car seat to put him in.  I sat out in the hallway with him in it until he finally fell asleep.   Cruz joined us and sat very quietly on the floor and colored.  Just when it seemed like I was going to break down and cry trying to calm Ben down Cruz leans over to us and starts singing "It's me, it's me oh Lord, standing in the need of prayer".   What a sweet heart he has and what a great reminder it was for me to give it to God.   I just stopped and prayed.  Despite Ben being in a terrible mood, I cannot say enough how well mannered, quiet, and easy going Cruz was.  It was like having a different child.  He was the one I was concerned about yet he did perfect.    
Cruz, Ben, and me sitting in the hallway of the clinic.  I'm smiling on the outside but believe me I was a ball of nerves on the inside.

We finished there and headed down the road for lunch at Wendy's.  We always look forward to getting to eat at Wendy's while in Guatemala City.  We all love it.

Cruz liked playing in this airplane.

After our meal we all four shared a vanilla frosty. 

Next up we drove back to the same building and I had my first mammogram.  Getting old is not fun and all these medical tests that go with it aren't either!  It wasn't as bad as I have heard others describe it though.  I was in and out of there in less than an hour.

We then drove across town to have our physicals.  We saw the same doctor that did our physicals when our last term ended.  He is familiar with us and the paperwork process that goes with our check-ups.  Both boys were asleep in the car so we took turns going in and staying in the car with the kids.  In addition to the physicals we also got two vaccines and a TB skin test.  It was after 4:00 before we returned to our mission house that afternoon.  What a day! 

Tomorrow it's the boys turn.  They'll both have physicals, complete blood work done, and get some vaccines.  Cruz will also see the dentist to have his teeth cleaned. 

By the time this week is over I will have recently completed an eye exam, dental exam, rectal exam, vaginal exam, breast exam, mammogram, complete physical, vaccines, a TB skin test, complete blood work, and fasted for a glucose test.  It's a lot, but it has also made us stop and talk about the fact that we are thankful to work for a mission board who is concerned about our health and encourages us to get regular check-ups.  Getting these exams is not something I have looked forward to, but I will be very grateful to have them completed and will breathe a sigh of relief to know that they all check out well.

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