Sunday, July 28, 2013

No Screams For Ice Cream

On Tuesday of last week the boys had medical appointments in Guatemala City.  Below is a photo I took of them before we left our mission house that morning.

It is not easy getting a picture of these two together.  They are just too busy for pictures these days.

The first stop of the day was at the dentist for Cruz's six month cleaning.  We had been talking to him about what to expect for about a week before his appointment.  We went over with him everything the dentist would be doing complete with sounds of the teeth cleaning machine and the saliva sucker (he liked the sound effects ha ha).  By the time we arrived he was ready.  We promised him ice cream if he did good and didn't scream.  It was okay if he cried some, but we did not want him to scream.  I realize ice cream is not a good thing after just having your teeth cleaned, but Cruz loves it and the incentive worked. 

I love this one!  Cruz held Ben's hand and helped him walk down the hallway to the dental office.

The boys had fun playing while we waited to be called back.  When it was time I went back with Cruz and David stayed in the waiting room with Ben.

The first thing the dentist did was take an x-ray of his teeth to check on the tooth that was knocked out.  It still looks good although  it is starting to get a little loose which means it will most likely fall out again at some point.  We'll just continue to keep an eye on it and hope for the best.

getting an x-ray of his teeth

next was a check of all his teeth

and then his cleaning

He sat perfectly still the whole time.  He barely moved at all.  He never whimpered, cried, or screamed during the whole visit.  The doctor kept commenting on how brave he was.  I was a very proud mama!

All done!  What a super trooper he is. 

The dentist took a few minutes to let Cruz check out all of his "tools".  Cruz was fascinated by all the cool things the dentist gets to work with every day.  He is crazy about tools and loves that doctors get to use them too. 

Then, just as promised, it was ice cream time.  We made a stop by the Burger King and got him a strawberry sundae and let him play on the play land.

He was one happy little boy!

Two thumbs up for a successful trip to the dentist!

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