Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Clowning Around

Last week our missionary friends Josh and Jessica Byrd hosted a volunteer team from their home State of Alabama. On Saturday afternoon the team held a soccer tournament in Chiquimula as an outreach for the church the Byrd's attend there. They were going to have several activities for the kids so they invited us to come join them. We were glad they did because we all had a fun time. Here are some photos I took while there.

Some guys from their church dressed up as clowns and did a really fun show for the kids. Everyone loved it! (I was wishing I could have hired them for Ben's birthday party)

They played some relay games- boys against the girls. I think the girls won every time.

There were also suckers given out. Cruz was on cloud nine!

The clowns made balloon art for each kid. Most of the boys got swords. Cruz, of course, wanted a red one.

sword fighting was a big hit

David and Cruz in their matching soccer jersey's from the home team in Sayaxche where we used to live. Aren't they cute!

our family with our sweet friends, the Byrd's. We just love them!

This last picture my not mean much to anybody but us and Cruz's teacher at school. We have been working with him on number recognition. He most always points to the number "2" and says "1" even though he just recognized the real number "l" correctly. Well, just before we left the soccer field his red balloon sword popped. He threw down the deflated piece of balloon and began to walk away. Just as he did he realized that the way the balloon fell onto ground (randomly) looked like a number he knew. He started calling for me real excitedly and said "look mama, it's the number 2!!!) And as I looked, sure enough it did look just like a two. How cool is that! Maybe he is getting it after all, ha ha.

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