Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ben's 15 Month Update

Our Sweet Baby Ben is 15 Months Old!
*  He weighs 17.12 pounds and is 31.5 inches long
*   He has light brown hair and blue/ gray eyes
*   He wears size 12 month clothes and still some size 6 & 9 month shorts and pants
*   He wears size 3 diapers
*   He wears size 3 shoes (but prefers to go barefooted)
*   He is cutting three new teeth- one on the bottom and two on the top
*  He has his moments but overall he is such an easy baby to care for.
*   He loves to give kisses and blow kisses (melts my heart)
*   He is showing signs of having a very tender heart.  His little bottom lip will just quiver when he gets upset or has hurt feelings.
*   Unlike his brother, he is a pretty obedient child and obeys well (I hope that doesn't change, ha ha)
*   With that being said let me just add that he can also have a strong temper.  He will fall out in the floor face down and just have a complete meltdown.  He can go from sweet to angry in no time.   Once he gets mad it takes him a bit to calm down but when he does he is good to go. 
*   Thanks to Cruz he has also learned to headbutt. 

*  He is walking!!!  We are so happy that he finally decided to get up and go.  He is definitely on the move these days!  He follows Cruz everywhere.
*  He is a climber and has many battle scars to prove it.  He has learned to move large objects to where he wants to climb and use them as stepping stools.  He has no fear of heights.
*   He likes to climb up on the back of our couch and crawl across it.
*   Between falls from walking and falls from climbing he is keeping a bruise or two these days and his poor lips have seen a cut or two.
*   He already has that "if brother can do it, I can too" attitude.  Lord help us! 

*   He has the sweetest smile.  He doesn't smile as much as Cruz does but when he does it is precious.
*   He still sucks his left thumb when sleepy.
*   He no longer likes to hold a burp cloth.  He prefers a soft blanket, stuffed animal, or one of his two hand size blankets with an animal head.  He has a brown monkey one and a light blue bear one. 
*   He sleeps well at night.  Most nights he sleeps from about 8:00 p.m. until 6:30 a.m.  He gets up, eats breakfast, and then goes back down for a long morning nap.  He is a good sleeper.

*   He loves to play and can entertain himself well.  He is a busy boy.
*   He loves cars and trucks.  He has learned to make a motor sound and does so when playing with those type toys. 
*   He loves riding toys- either to ride or push.
*   He is always trying to get on Cruz's bike and gets aggravated when he realizes he is too small to do it.
*   He loves books!  He most always has a book close by.
*   He loves music and has started bouncing up and down like he's dancing when he hears it.

*   He wants to eat as soon as his eyes pop open in the mornings.  He goes straight to the kitchen when we get him out of his crib.
*   He eats just about anything I try to feed him.
*   His favorites lately are any and all fruits. This month he has eaten a lot of pineapple, pears, and peaches.  He loves grapes.  He also likes hot dogs, black beans, jello, mashed potatoes, and all types of bread, cake, and cookies.  He loves cinnamon rolls, yogurt, pizza (his favorite food), and ice cream.  He'll eat anything rolled up in a flour tortilla.  I am learning that if in doubt just put a little jelly or ketchup on it and he'll eat it.
*   He does not like to wear a bib and will always pull it off before the meal is over.
*   If he drops food it drives him crazy to pick it up from either his seat or the catch pocket of his bib.
*   He is learning to eat with a spoon and likes to drink from a straw.
*   He points to whatever he wants and if we don't get it fast enough for him he lets us know it. 

*   He is no longer content to sit in a highchair when we are out eating if there is a playland.  He wants to get down and go play with Cruz.  He has no fear to climb to the top any of them. 
*   When driving Cruz to school each morning we pass a restaurant in Jocotan that has a red crab painted on it.  He always gets excited to see it and points and squeals. 
*   He likes to crawl under our grill cover to hide and play with the grill.
*   He loves to get wet and dirty.
*   He loves watching cartoons. 
*   He likes getting his teeth brushed each night and will lay real still and let us brush them.
*   Other than mama and dada he is not saying many other words but he babbles all day long.  He thinks he is talking and is very expressive with his "words". 
*  He is going through a bad spell of separation anxiety.  He will not let many people hold him and does not want us to get out of his sight.
*   He likes to sit in our laps and rock and watch t.v.

He brings us so much joy each and every day.  We are thankful to get to be his parents and watch him grow.   He is a precious gift from God!  His easy nature is a breath of fresh air and makes us feel like this  parenting thing is not so hard after all (most days ha ha).  We pray for wisdom each day to know how to raise him and that God would help us to do it in a way that would bring Him honor and glory. 

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