Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moving Right Along

Back in May I blogged about our first visit to the village of Tunuco Arriba.  We went there with the Lubeck's to be a part of a special service they were having.   We made a great contact with a guy there that day and exchanged numbers.  David called a few days later to schedule a follow-up visit.  He returned the following week with the guys from the Chorti Baptist Development Project and had a meeting with the village leaders.  With the exception of one guy who was very rude and out-spoken, the meeting went good.  They made plans to take a group of them over to tour the Agriculture Center in Honduras in June. 

David with the Ag Center workers- Mauricio, Noe, and Obando (a great bunch of guys!)  They had just finished eating some homemade vanilla ice cream that I had made and served them when they returned from the village.  Our partner, Dan Watson, was in the States and wasn't able to go with them.

Last week Dan drove over from Honduras to meet with us and try to schedule a date when the group could go over and visit the Ag Center.   David got in touch with one of the leaders and we scheduled the visit for Tuesday, June 11.

So, Tuesday of this week David left bright and early to pick the guys up to take them over to Honduras.  We had initially told them that 6-7 leaders could go.  Due to fear and lack of understanding only four showed up to make the trip.  One of them told our Honduran workers that the others were just afraid to go.  I think when they start talking about how much they enjoyed it, the others are going to be very sad they missed it! 

Anyway, they arrived at the Ag Center mid-morning and were greeted by Dan and his workers.  They shared a meal together and then got busy touring the grounds and seeing all of the different types of projects that are offered.  The guys thought it was really neat and said they saw things they had never seen before. 

Dan Watson with the four leaders from Tunuco Arriba

getting an explanation of the stove project

seeing some of the crops

The day was a success and the group seemed very interested in doing a training project for their village.  We scheduled a two week time frame in July for the classes and they will return and recruit up to twelve youth from their village to send.  During this training time Dan and his workers will teach agriculture and David will be there to teach Bible stories and do evangelism.  Pray for the hearts of the twelve that are selected.  These will be our key contacts in that village and the first ones we get to share the gospel with. 

Things seem to be moving along quickly with this new village.  It will almost be two months to the day from our first visit to that village when the training starts.  Our prayer is that after the training we will have an open door to return and continue teaching Bible stories on a regular basis (just like with the village of Lagunetas).  Hopefully by the end of July we will be doing just that!  Pray with us, will you?

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