Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mimi's Visit- Post 2

On Saturday of my mama's visit we drove over to Honduras to visit the Macaw Mountain Bird Park.  I knew they would like seeing all the birds and the park itself is very pretty and peaceful.  They loved it.  We spent the whole morning walking around and enjoying the sights.

my mom, me, and Mrs. Ann

my  mom, Margaret

One of our favorite parts of the park is the area where you get to hold the birds.  Both of them had the best time doing it!  Here's Mrs. Ann and a few of the birds.

My mom holding a few birds.

Cruz was not sure about holding one, but didn't mind his daddy doing it.

our family at the bird park

Me and my mom enjoying a little coffee and cappuccino break before visiting the gift shop.

Not only did they get to smell the coffee beans roasting but they got to see it in action at the coffee shop.

For lunch we went to Jim's Pizza in Copan.  There are always children walking around the streets of Copan selling dolls made out of corn husks.  They came into the restaurant and sold a few to my mom and Mrs. Ann.
corn husk dolls made in Honduras

After our meal us girls spent a few minutes walking around town and buying some souvenirs.  Those two love to shop!!!

Mrs. Ann and my mom at the Central Park of Copan, Honduras

We returned home for a bit and then loaded up and headed to Chiquimula.  I needed to pick up Cruz's birthday cake so we decided just to eat supper while in town.  We had planned to eat at the mall food court but learned soon after entering the mall they were having the Miss Pradera 2013 beauty pageant and the people were shoulder to shoulder.  I have never seen it that packed out!  We made a quick browse around and then left.  We ate at the McDonald's outside the mall instead. 

Sunday was all about celebrating Cruz.  I'll write about his birthday in another post.

Monday was their last full day with us.  Cruz went to school that morning so we could get things cleaned up from the party and get our things packed up to go back into Guatemala City.  When we picked him up from school we all went in so my mom could see his school and meet some of the people there.  His teacher, Miss Olexi, had come for his birthday so she had already met her.  Cruz liked showing them his classroom.
Miss Olexi, Cruz, and my mom

me, Cruz, Miss Olexi, and the two little girls in Cruz's class- Joselin and Diana

We ate lunch at Pollo Campero in Chiquimula before making the long drive back into Guatemala City.  It was cold and rainy when we arrived there.  We dropped off a few things at the mission house and then headed back to the market so they could buy some last minute things (have I mentioned yet that they loved shopping, ha ha).  Afterwards we went to eat supper at Applebee's.  Cruz kept calling it apples and beans.  It was a fun meal.  We laughed a lot- mostly because the kids were going nuts and stressing us all out.  The lid to the salt shaker was not on so when my mama went to use it salt went all over her plate.  When my kids hear music they both start dancing.  The music in Guatemala restaurants is LOUD.  They entertained everyone there with their "moves" in spite of us telling them to sit down and be still.  The service was terrible.  The kids were going nuts (have I mentioned that already???)  In spite of all of that we laughed, a lot. 
Mrs. Ann, my mom, Ben, me, Cruz, and David at Applebee's enjoying our last meal together

They flew back home to Mississippi on Tuesday morning.  I cannot say enough how much we enjoyed having them with us.  They were troopers and just went along with any and everything we planned for them.  In spite of the conditions, the heat, the strange foods, the tantrums, the long hours in the car, etc. they never complained, but smiled and enjoyed it all.  They were great guests and we were sad to see them go.  We hope to have them back one day!

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