Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2013 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala!  ¿Cocha turet?  That's "how are you" in Chorti.  We are continuing to meet every Monday morning with the Lubeck's (Chorti Bible translators).  We spend an hour attending their Chorti Bible study and then afterwards another hour studying some grammar.  Studying language is fun, but it is also hard work! 

We did two Bible studies in the village of Lagunetas in May and two in the village of Nearar.  We rotate Sunday's in each village.  Sometimes we meet on Saturday's in Lagunetas and when that happens David usually goes to Nearar on the following Sunday which gives them an extra time to study each month.  Both are going well.  I average around 10-12 kids in Lagunetas each time I teach there.  It is a joy to get to share God's Word with others.  Those kids are like sponges.  When I review them from the previous two weeks story they can almost repeat every word I said.  It makes me smile.

We attended a special service in a Chorti village with the Lubeck's in early May.  We were well received there and David has already made a follow-up visit with our partners in Honduras back there to discuss doing an agricultural project with them.  We plan to visit there again in the next week or so.  Please keep this village and the people there in your prayers.

We enjoyed a great visit with my mom and a friend of hers.  They came to help us celebrate Cruz's third birthday.  It was fun having them here and letting them see where we live and work.  The boys especially liked the extra love and attention they were shown!

We attended another service with the Lubeck's in May to celebrate/ dedicate their latest translation project- the books of Genesis, Ruth, Esther, and Jonah translated into Chorti.  The service was held at the radio station in Jocotan.  What a blessing it will be to get this latest project into the hands of the people.  Please pray for the Lubeck's as they work to translate other books of the Old Testament into the Chorti language. 

It is less than six months now until our Stateside Assignment begins.  We are starting to make some preparations for that, but it is a lot to get done.  Would you pray for us as we make decisions about our time in the States?   Pray also for our work as we prepare to leave it in God's hands while we are away.  It's His work anyway, right.  

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