Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Family Pictures

On Saturday morning we headed up the mountain to do Bible study in the village of Lagunetas.  I had a fun time with the kids there.  Our Bible story was about the family.  I shared the story of Abraham and Sarah.  As an introduction I also shared about another couple who was pretty old when they had a baby.  The kids laughed when I told them I was talking about myself. 

After our story time I had them draw and color a photo of their families.  I really expected them to do it pretty fast and not put much thought or time in to it.  I guess in my head I was thinking a few stick people and we would move on.  Well, turns out they are a lot more artistic then I give them credit for.  They were very detailed about their drawings and took their time on it.  They had so much fun doing it and I enjoyed seeing their smiles as they worked. 

a few of the kids

Their paper says "God's plan for the family is in the Bible"

I love the hat on this one 

what a pretty family picture

This is the picture I drew of my family.
When I showed it to them they laughed out loud.  The reason was because they pointed out that I drew Cruz skinny and Ben fat.  In reality it is the other way around.  They got a kick out of that!  (don't you love their "monogrammed" shirts ha ha)

a few of us with our drawings

It was a fun Saturday morning and we loved getting to spend it out in the village with these sweet faces.

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