Monday, June 24, 2013

Family Day 2013

Last Thursday Cruz's school celebrated Family Day.  That night they had a Dinner Show and invited all of the families to come.  It was held at another school in Jocotan that had a large covered area to host it.   The teachers worked hard to get everything set up and decorated.  All of the grades from preschool to junior high participated.  During the program each class had a turn to sing, do skits, and entertain.  The Lubeck's were there also and shared a devotion on the family.   It was a fun night, and we enjoyed getting to see all of the other parents that have kids in Cruz's school.  

The 3 year old class and the 4 year old class sang together.

The day before each child had to make homemade pom poms for homework out of green and orange tissue paper to use during the program.  

Here's a short video of Cruz in action  (it's a little dark)

Cruz and Joselin

A few of the older girls loving on Cruz

Mr. John and Mrs. Diana (aren't they just cute!)

The next day, Friday, the school celebrated Teacher's Day.  Normally it is celebrated on the 25th of June but the school is closed all this week so they celebrated early.  They are closed for their 1/2 year break.  I cannot believe half of the school year has passed already.  It is going by fast!
Cruz with Miss Olexi

For homework on Thursday the kids had to make a card for their teacher.  Cruz loves making rainbows lately so that is what he wanted to put on her card.  We glued cotton for the cloud.  She loved it!

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