Friday, May 10, 2013

Waiting For The Green Light

On Thursday we traveled up the mountain to a Chorti village to be a part of a school program they were having.  Our being there was part of a Mother's Day celebration the school had.  It was a solid hour drive up the mountain road.  One of the locals told us it takes them about 3 hours to walk to town from the village.  I am glad I don't live that far out!  haha

We were greeted with a warm welcome.  Everyone came out to see us and say hello.  The first thing I noticed about this village was how friendly they were.  They smiled (which you don't always see with Indigenous people- especially ones you don't know).  The kids were very friendly and were all over us.  It just gave us a welcome feeling. 

They had decorated the school with red and white balloons and streamers for Mother's Day.  They also laid pine straw on the ground.  That is very cultural and the locals do it for all special occasions.  It smelled soo good!

This is the school where we had the program.

a side view of the school

This is me, Mrs. Diana, and the teacher who invited us to come.  Both of them have been praying for many years for this village.  There is no Christian work there or believers that we know of.  They can pick up Radio Alegria, a Christian radio station, on their radios.  One of the men said he had been listening to Mr. John's teachings on the radio.  That was fun to hear.  That man also happens to be the Vice President of the village.  He seemed very happy to have us there, and eager for us to return.  He just might be our open door!

some of the locals

me and Ben with a few of the kids

Mrs. Diana talking in Chorti.  They loved hearing her.  Being able to speak it ourselves would be a HUGE advantage to building relationships with these people.  Many of the ladies there are monolingual.

The Lubeck's sang several songs and then did a Bible study.

This is Cruz during one of the songs.  Those little hands were just clapping away!

Afterwards they served everyone a lunch to honor the mother's.

eating our meal (I think they all had food in their mouths when I took this photo, haha)

They served everyone a chicken stew, rice, pasta salad, and tortillas.

You can tell by Ben's cheeks that he ate well. 

They let all of the mother's eat inside.  I love how colorful their dresses are.  Isn't it pretty!  This is how many of the Chorti ladies dress.  They also wear black jelly shoes.   Their hair is in a pony tail.  They love beaded necklaces, and some wear earrings.  I just think it's beautiful and love seeing all of the Mayan people in their typical clothes.  I just feel that I have more of a connection with the ladies since becoming a mom.  Oh to be able to know them and share my heart with them. 

We are planning to return one day next week to do some follow-up.  We would love to be able to return there on a regular basis and share Bible stories.  Would you pray that we would get the green light to do that.

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  1. Hi David and Regina. I am a missionary/nurse and I live in Chichicastengano. Have you been to this area? I just published a book on Amazon. com about Chichi. It is called, Savor Chichicastenango in One Day. I hope you will be able to check it out. I hope to see more of your work. Sheri


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