Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"My Birthday Is Next!"

Cruz is pretty excited about his upcoming birthday.  Every time we mention a birthday he says he wants it to be his birthday.  It started with my birthday back in February.  He was a little upset that I had a birthday and he didn't.  We've been trying to explain to him that his is coming.  Well, Ben's came first.  He did (after many discussions about it) handle it very well.  I've explained to him that mommy's birthday is first, then Ben, then Cruz, and daddy's is last.  We have to take turns.  He doesn't really grasp it yet, but he's getting there. 

With that being said you can imagine his reaction when we told him on Sunday afternoon that we were going to a birthday party for his friend Brayden.  "No", he said.  "My birthday is next!".  In all my explanation to him I didn't take into account other people's birthdays.  I was just thinking within our own family.  He went but he was not real excited about it. 

The birthday boy, Brayden, is the grandson of a missionary couple in our area.  He and Cruz are only about three weeks apart.  He had a Mickey Mouse party.  Cruz loves Mickey Mouse so he quickly warmed up to the party idea once we arrived.

Brayden (on the left) with his little brother Brent and step-dad Gustavo

There were two pinatas- a Mickey and a Minnie.  Pinatas are always the most lively part of birthday parties here.

Cruz loves getting candy!  He will pick it up and then bring it to us to put in his treat bag.

Cruz hitting Mickey

I need sound effects to go with this one.  It gets loud, haha.

more candy

Little Ben is not quite old enough to understand what's going on.  It won't be long though and he'll be gathering candy with his brother.

Getting ready sing and blow out the candle.

In addition to the cake we ate tostadas with chicken salad and had horchata to drink.  The kids had fun running around and playing.  We stayed until almost dark.  Cruz enjoyed himself, but has reminded us every day since that his birthday is next.   Poor Cruz.  He will soon find out that his little friend Kimberly has a birthday next week.  Uh oh! 

Come on May 26th!  We are all excited about that days arrival!

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