Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Butterfly House

On Saturday morning we drove over to Copan, Honduras for a little Mother's Day outing.  I wanted to visit the Butterfly House there. 

The welcome sign
They advertise butterflies, gardens, a cafeteria, a hotel, and a dental clinic.

me and the boys at the entrance

The first thing they do is show you some butterflies in the caterpillar stage and the cocoon stage.  You then walk behind the dental clinic and enter though the back waiting room.  The butterfly house is on the back of the clinic.  While passing through you can see the dental chairs and many posters showing teeth and dental stuff on the walls.  It was a little weird, but hey, we've come to expect that around here.

Once you enter the covered gardens you are given a map showing all of the different types of butterflies to look for.  This particular day there were very few butterflies to see.  The guide told us that there are usually more during the rainy season.  That should be beginning in a few more weeks.

The gardens are really pretty.

me and the boys

I loved all of the flowers they had.

Trying to take a picture of a butterfly is HARD work.

They have a small museum with information on butterflies.  They had several glass cases showing many of the different types.  They were very pretty!

They have a small creek running through the property.  We crossed over it on this bridge.  On the back of the property they have a couple cabins that you can rent for the night.  They are rustic, but would be a fun, quiet getaway.
Afterwards we drove into town and ate lunch at Jim's pizza. 

Both boys fell asleep on the way back home and slept for several hours.  During that time our friends Josh and Jessica called to invite us to supper at their house in Chiquimula.  We had to wait until Cruz woke up so that we could go.  He slept over 3 hours total.  We drove into town and had a fun night eating and visiting with them.  A recent Stateside visitor of theirs brought down some sausage that is made in their home area.  It is called Conecuh sausage and it was delicious!  It reminded us of the link sausage we always bought from Wilson's Meat House in our home area.  Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!

They make fun of me for putting everything on our blog so I purposely took a photo of the sausage cooking on the grill to share with you all.  It makes me want some more, ha ha.  It was very generous of them to share their home treat with us.  We are glad they did.

David had bought me some roses while in Chiquimula.  When we got home that night he gave them to the boys to give to me.  I always love having fresh flowers in the house.
Cruz picked out these yellow ones for me.

We got home late and were tired.  It had been a full day, but was most definitely a fun one.

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