Monday, May 6, 2013

As Of Lately

What have we been up to lately?  Lots of sneezing, coughing, wiping noses, and blowing noses.  We have all been under the weather for the past week.  There have been a lot of sleepless nights and many long days.  Ben has had the worst of it.  He ran fever for three days last week.  We are not well yet, but getting better.  Head colds and hot weather just do not mix well. 

Here are a few photos from the past week and a little more about life lately around our part of world.

Every Monday morning they have chapel at Cruz's school.  It is the first thing they do each week.  All grades assemble together for a time of Bible study, singing, and prayer.  Last Monday Cruz's class sang during chapel.  His teacher asked me to make him some rabbit ears.  I printed a sample off the Internet, let him color them, and then I taped them together to make a headband.  I also painted his face a little.  I think he looked really cute.
my little "every now and then" sweet bunny, haha

He only had school on Monday and Tuesday of last week and was out the other days.  There was a folklore festival taking place in Jocotan so everything was closed for the celebrations.  That meant I had to come up with lots of things for him to do and stay busy.  We spent a lot of time painting, coloring, working puzzles, reading, watching cartoons, and just playing. 

He loves to paint!  He is getting an art easel for his birthday and I am thinking he is going to love it.  Lately his new thing is mixing all of the colors together (usually with his hands).  He calls it "making brown". 

One night last week during bath time he jumped out of the tub and came running into the room where I was.  He was naked, wet, and wearing his dirty shorts on his head.  He was shouting "look mommy, look at me!"  I grabbed my camera to take his picture.  When I showed it to him on the camera he smiled real big and said, "ooh I look like Jesus!".   He can be soo funny.
I love his imagination!

We got out one afternoon to run over to the grocery store in Jocotan.  On the way there we rolled down the windows and let the breeze blow in.  The boys love when we do that.  Because Ben sits in the middle of the backseat rear facing the breeze blows his hair the most.  It is so funny to see.  He will wave his arms in the air, giggle, and just have a ball.  Cruz usually shouts "faster Daddy, faster".  He knows that the faster David drives the more Ben's hair will blow.  We all laugh a lot during those times.


David completed a few "honey do" things for me last week.  He got some valences hung in the kitchen that we recently had made.  He also hung a few more ceiling fans up.  We added another one in our kitchen.  When it's 100+ degrees and I'm in the kitchen trying to cook it's just miserable!  So far the extra breeze is helping (a little). 

Of course Cruz had to be right in the middle of all David was doing.  He is such a little handy man. 

Don't think Ben missed out on the action.  He was just as eager to get involved with them.  He (just like Cruz) has become obsessed with ladders.  David spotted him and he climbed (by himself) almost all the way up.  You know my heart dropped when I walked in and saw it taking place!  It looks like I have another climber on my hands and I am praying overtime that the Lord would help me keep them safe.  There are days when I wonder how I am going to survive being a mama to boys.

On Friday night we made our weekly trip to Chiquimula to eat out.  This week we chose the food court and our friends Josh and Jessica joined us.  We love when we get to hang out with them.  David and I ate McDonald's and we got Cruz some chicken strips from Pollo Campero.   Pollo Campero was advertising some new milk shake flavors.  We tried the peanut butter.  It was SOOO good.  It was crunchy peanut butter mixed with vanilla ice cream.  It was thick so they served it with a spoon.  Everyone in our family loves peanut butter so you can imagine how we were fighting over it.  We'll be returning for one of those again soon!

On the way home we stopped by a street vendor that sells typical furniture made here in Guatemala.  I love it and wish I had a house full of it!   I have been wanting to buy a book shelf for our living room with the birthday money my mama sent me.  I finally picked one out, David strapped it to the roof of our vehicle, and we drove home.  I am not sure how I want to decorate it.  For now I just have a few photo frames sitting on

My new bookshelf.  Thanks Mom!  It looks really pretty and matches the t.v. stand we bought for Christmas.

Saturday was a lazy day.  David was the only one who got dressed.  The kids and I stayed in p.j.'s all day.  We got out for a little while in the late afternoon and cruised around.  I was just hoping we didn't break down or get in an accident that would require me to get out of the car HAHA.
Cruz cruising in his p.j.'s  Sometimes you just need a day like that!

Sunday we had Bible study in the village and then a birthday party that afternoon. I'll blog about those things later this week.  Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your week gets off to a great start.

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