Friday, April 5, 2013

We're Taking A Raincheck From The Tooth Fairy For Now

Tuesday while I was on my way to pick Cruz up from school I got a call from the director.  She was wanting to inform me about an accident that Cruz had and prepare me for what to expect when I got there.  She goes on to tell me that many of the kids were playing a musical chairs type game and Cruz fell and hit his mouth on the corner of a wooden desk.  She then calmly says "he knocked his tooth out".  My heart sank. 

We have been running out of water for weeks now.  Our water supply that morning was very low and David had plans to go to Honduras until late Thursday night or Friday morning.  He wanted to make sure the kids and I would have plenty of water while he was gone so he got with a pastor who lives next door (and shares our water supply).  The two of them borrowed a water tank and made three trips to fill it and pour it into our cistern.  He did not make it home in time to go with me to the school to pick up Cruz so I had left to go get him by myself.

When I got off the phone with the director I immediately called David and told him to meet me at the school. 

When I got there Cruz was already cleaned up and sitting calmly in the directors lap.  That is until he saw me and then he started crying hysterically.  I cried too.  I was relieved when David arrived.  The director again explains what happened and tells us how sorry she is.  We did not blame her or the school.  We know how active our child is and it could just as easily happened anywhere in our care. 

On the way home we called the Lubeck's for a recommendation on a dentist.  I get home and put his tooth in some milk because I had heard that is what you are supposed to do.  We fed Ben lunch and then drove into Chiquimula.  Most everything here closes from 12:00 until 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  Because of that we could not get an appointment until 3.  We went on into town anyway, just in case.

His mouth soon after it happened.

The tooth came out intact- root and all.  It tore through his gums and we were certain he would need some stitches.  We also wanted to make sure there was no damage to his other teeth.

The Lubeck's called their son-in-law who is a surgeon in Chiquimula.  He has a sister who is a dentist there.  They got us an appointment with her.  We arrived at 3 and she saw us right away.

Cruz at the dentist office waiting to see the doctor.

The first thing she did was ask if we had the tooth.  When I told David to put it in milk he did, but in one of Ben's sippie cups.  Well on the way to town I grabbed that cup, not knowing, and was letting Ben drink out of it.  When David looked in the back seat and saw this happening he yells "NO!".  Oh well, I didn't know and I guess it won't kill him, haha.  I cannot wait to tell the boys that story some day.  I am sure we will get a lot of laughs about it.  Maybe not Ben, but the rest of us will.  Anyway, we gave her the cup.  She took the tooth out, examined it, and then stuck it immediately back into his mouth.  He screamed and cried!  She then gave him a shot to deaden his mouth and began doing his stitches.  Afterwards she took a few x-rays and said everything looked good.  She feels like his tooth can be saved.  We will go back next Wednesday to have it checked out again and will see.

My poor baby at the dentist.  He was not wanting to be there and it was very difficult to restrain him and let her work on his mouth.

getting his stitches

All done!  Here they are with the dentist.  She was wonderful.

The total cost for the visit, the stitches, the x-rays and all was only around $20.00. 

We stopped by a local pharmacy to get his medicines filled.  He has a prescription for an antibiotic and a pain medicine. 

He has been asking for a baseball helmet for a while now.  We recently found him one at a thrift store and have been saving it for a "rainy day".  When we got home that day he started playing baseball and asked again about one.  I remembered we had it and got it out for him.  He was tickled! 
My little baseball man loving his new helmet!

He has not slowed down one bit.  You would never know he was hurt.  He's just as active as ever.  I kept him home on Wednesday because his mouth was still swollen but he went back to school on Thursday.  He's a trooper!

You can tell by how dirty his face is just how hard he played when we got home that day.  You can see his stitches in his mouth.  She glued his tooth to the tooth beside it to keep it in place and not move.  If it doesn't reroot she will just drill the glue off and take the tooth out. 

I mentioned above that David had a trip to Honduras planned.  He was going to attend a conference there.  Well the same morning that Cruz got hurt the son of the national pastor who was helping plan and lead the conference got sick.  Also the believer in Nearar was supposed to attend the conference with David and share his testimony with those there.  Well that morning his son cut his hand with a machete while chopping firewood.  All three took place around the same time!  We had already felt that the whole ordeal was an attack of Satan, but when we heard the other stories we knew it.  Would you pray for us as we encounter spiritual warfare.  Pray for our protection as we seek to do good for Him knowing that the enemy is out to destroy everything we do. 

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