Monday, April 15, 2013

The Weekend

On Friday morning we dropped Cruz off at school and then drove into Chiquimula.  David dropped me off at the Mega Paca (thrift store) and he went to get our car serviced.   We returned home in time to pick Cruz up from school and then stopped by a local carpenter shop in Jocotan to pick up one of Ben's birthday presents.  We had him a wooden toy box made.  It will actually be for both boys, but will be considered part of Ben's birthday gift.  We were pleased with how it turned out and look forward to using it.
these two guys thought I was nuts for taking their picture, haha

Since we had plans to attend the circus on Saturday night in Chiquimula we did not do our normal family night out on Friday night.  Instead we enjoyed a quiet evening at home.  Or as quiet as can be with two small boys.

We had received a call from Bro. Nahum in Honduras on Friday about taking an elderly lady from his church to the hospital in Esquipulas on Saturday morning.  We agreed to take her and made plans to pick her up at the border near our house.  We dropped them off near the Central Park in Esquipulas around lunch time and then went to eat at the Burger Pizza Diner there.  It is a chain restaurant that has a few locations in Chiquimula that we like to visit.

One of our favorite things to get there is a frozen naranjada.  It is made with orange juice, soda, and ice.  We love it and especially on hot days like we have been having.  Cruz loves it too and always eats our cherries that come on top.

They had a great play land that was perfect for Ben.  It was Little Tikes (my favorite brand of all!)  It was almost too small for Cruz, but he had fun on it too.  Ben had a blast!

Yes, he did go down the slide headfirst!  His brother has taught him well.

David had to grab him by the back of his shirt to make sure he didn't fall.

my big boy Cruz

That night we drove into Chiquimula to see the circus.  It was very good and we all enjoyed it.  I am a sucker for a circus and every time I see a big tent I just get so excited and start making plans to attend.  I think that excitement is rubbing off on Cruz. 

me and my boys at the circus

Sunday morning David attended Bible study in Nearar.  The boys and I stayed home.  There was no way I could have hiked up and down that mountain in this heat and especially having to carry one of our two kids.   Instead we had a little fun together at home. 

finger painting

a little afternoon swinging with Daddy

he loves to swing!

He also loves to play in the garbage.  Here he is under my desk making a mess with some scrap paper I had let Cruz cut.  He loves to plunder and get into things!

Sunday afternoon we drove over to Copan, Honduras to meet with Dan about some upcoming projects.  We visited and ate supper together before driving back home.  Pray for a two week Agriculture Institute that he is starting today with some village people from Honduras.  David will join them next week to teach some Bible stories. 

Lastly, here is a picture I took of my computer around lunch time on Sunday.  It was only 100 degrees at the time but as you can see we had a high of 108 that day.  I can assure you it got just that hot or hotter around here!  It's looking like another HOT week ahead too.  Keeping cool... that's one of my top priorities these days, haha.

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