Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm "All Over The Map" With This One

David has been gone a lot this week which means I've been holding down the fort around our place.  Monday he was in Honduras teaching Bible stories to some young adults at the Ag Institute near Copan.  He covered eight stories with them in one day.  On Tuesday and  Wednesday he was in Nearar helping with a medical clinic.  He worked with the dentist on Wednesday and enjoyed that.  I got to visit with the team a little on Thursday morning before they drove back to the Capital.  We miss getting to work with volunteers.   We always enjoyed it! 

When David is gone that leaves me and the kids without transportation.  I am thankful for the abundance of tuk tuk's in our area.  We rode quite a few of them this week going back and forth from school.  The boys love it!
me and my sweet babies in the tuk tuk

I've also been doing some baking this week.  My mom is coming in May for Cruz's birthday so I am trying to stock the freezer with lots of good coffee treats.  So far I've baked two loaves of zucchini bread and two loaves of banana nut bread.  It's been smelling good around here!
zucchini bread baking in the oven

Cruz's school has a program with a local bank that allows each child to open a savings account and make monthly deposits.  They are using it to teach the kids to save.  They each made banks that they bring home and put money in throughout the month.  At the end of the month they all bring their banks to the school and turn them in.  The bank employee collects them, counts the money, and  puts it into their account.  Last month was the first collection time.  The bank set up a big display at the school, and made it a lot of fun for the kids. 

Cruz with his bank

It's only been in the mid- high 90's this week which was a welcome relief from the 104-108 temps we've had over the past 3 weeks.  While in Guatemala City last week I found some freeze  pops that I bought for the boys.  They have been a great afternoon treat on these warm afternoons. 

Cruz eating his purple Popsicle.  He wanted purple because "it's mommy's favorite color". 

 Ben has just spent the week playing.  He is so busy these days and rarely still for any length of time. 

This is Cruz and Carlos one day when I arrived to pick Cruz up from school.  They had been glueing newspaper to two liter bottles.  Cruz was covered in paper and glue.  I walked with them to the pila to get washed up before leaving.

On Thursday morning we met with Mrs. Diana for a grammar lesson in Chorti.  She was trying to get us caught up a bit.  We will start meeting weekly on Monday's after the Chorti Bible study time.  There is another missionary lady who will study with us.   This week she had us coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls to snack on during class.  Yum!

I snapped this photo of a Chorti man I saw walking down the road by Cruz's school.  It shows what a typical Chorti man wears.  You don't see this often and usually only on older men.  The photo does not show his clothes well because he is wearing the typical white shirt and pants.  It's made with what appears to be a linen type fabric.  They wear homemade sandals.  Sometimes the bottoms are made out of tire rubber.  He is carrying a machete on his arm which is very typical, and he is wearing a cowboy hat.   I am assuming that years ago all of the men dressed this way, but it is sadly dying out.  I love seeing the men and women dressed in their typical Mayan clothes.  It makes me smile.

A Chorti man

Today is Miss Olexi's birthday.  She is Cruz's teacher.  Cruz took her roses, a homemade card, and cupcakes for snack time.  Are we sucking up???  You bet!  When you have a rowdy little boy like ours you do everything you can to show love to the teacher and let her know you appreciate her. haha

We'll spend the weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary.  Saturday will be our 17th!  It is by far one of my favorite days of the year! 

Have a great weekend y'all! 

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