Monday, April 15, 2013

Getting "Treated" Right

Last Wednesday Cruz had a follow-up visit with the dentist in Chiquimula to see how his tooth was doing.  He was not happy at all about going back because his other experience there was so traumatic.  She thought it was looking good.  She removed the stitch from his upper gums and left the one over his tooth in place.  She wants to see him again in a month.  It was a quick visit and he did pretty good.

On our next trip into Guatemala City we have him an appointment with his regular dentist there just for him to look at it and know what is going on. 

a quick view of his mouth on the way to the dentist

Let me just say that you know you are tired, hot, and distracted when you arrive somewhere, get your child out of the car, and then realize you forgot to get their shoes!  That is such an example of how our life has been lately.  
My shoeless son at the dentist.  He was just as bothered about it as I was.  He asked me over and over where his shoes were.  We ended up carrying him most of the day.

While waiting Ben had the most fun playing with himself in the mirror.

We had promised Cruz a treat when we were done at the dentist so when we left we went to the mall. We went straight to the ice cream shop and let him pick out which color he wanted.  It didn't matter the flavor.  He called them all by the color.  After much thinking he finally chose pink. 

Now let me see... do I want yellow, orange, green, purple, pink... 

Cruz with his pink (strawberry) ice cream

Doctor visits can be just as stressful for the parents so I treated myself to a frozen cappuccino, haha

We bought a few groceries and then stopped by Pollo Campero for supper.  It is by far Cruz's favorite place to eat. 

Ben and Cruz in the ball pit at Pollo Campero.  You can see all the balls lined up around the outside.  Cruz loves to do that and then knock them all down.  Ben had fun getting to help him.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for Cruz's mouth.  We really appreciate it!

When we left the restaurant we noticed that the circus was setting up right across the street.  Cruz and I got soo excited!  We could see that they had all the animals under the smaller tent.  I got David to pull over so I could take Cruz to see them.   I let him look for several minutes before we got back in the car and headed home.  We got the times for the weekend shows and made plans to return on Saturday night. 

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