Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter this year did not turn out quite like we had planned, but it was a good day nonetheless.  First thing that morning David went to move the wooden cover on our pila and broke the water tap that comes out of the wall.  Water was spewing everywhere!  He had to turn the water off so he could begin to repair it.  The only problem is there are two other families that share our water supply so that meant we were all without water (for most of the morning).  Trying to get anything fixed here fast is just unheard of.  Take into account that 1) it was Sunday and 2) it was a holiday and you imagine our frustration.  He began making a few calls trying to round up supplies and made a run into town to purchase a few things. All in all it just took all morning to get it done.   
Because of that we had to call and cancel our Bible study for that morning.  That made us both very sad. 

handyman Dave

The kids had been playing outside and were both dirty.  I was wanting to take their pictures so David was taking Ben to the pila to clean him up when this happened.  So, if I had not wanted to take pictures this would not have happened (or so says a certain someone in our house, haha). 

I ended up taking their pictures anyway while David worked to repair the water.  Here are a few I took-
Ben and Cruz on Easter morning 2013

Ben's first Easter

There is no commercialism here for Easter like in the States.  There are no cute baskets, chocolate rabbits, jelly beans, or peeps.  I don't think anyone here even knows who the Easter bunny is.  My mom did send down a few plastic eggs for the boys though.  We have been playing with them and Cruz thinks it's a fun colors game (as in "can you find a green egg"... "do you see a blue egg"...).  These days it's all about making everything educational, haha.

my silly boy!

I finished preparing our lunch.  I had done most of the prep work on Saturday.  We had turkey, carrot souffle, hash brown casserole, green beans, sweet tea, peach cobbler, and ice cream.  It was yummy!  At the last minute we invited another missionary couple, the Bentley's, over to eat with us. We ate, put the kids down for a nap, and spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with them. 

Later that evening  David read the resurrection story and we sang a few hymns.  We then had a little family prayer time to end our day.  It was a simple day, but we enjoyed it.

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