Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ben's One Year Check-Up

Here are some photos from Ben's one year check-up with Dr. Figueroa in Guatemala City last week.
Ben playing in the waiting room.  He is loving this type of toy lately.  He is fascinated by moving the wooden pieces all around.

He also loved playing with the measuring tape.

He is looking at the nurse a little funny as if to question whether she knew what she was doing or not, haha.  He measured 30 inches long.

He weighs 17.4 pounds.

Ben getting checked out by Dr. Figueroa.  He appears healthy and is growing and developing normally.  That is always a blessing to hear!

Ben with Dr. Figueroa.  We love this doctor!

David trying to keep Ben still while we waited to get his shot.  That is not an easy thing to do these days. He is a busy, busy boy!

me and my baby

The did some routine blood work.  Before pricking his finger they soaked his hand in some water.  He liked that.

Drawing Ben's blood.  Cruz was very interested in watching. 

He never even whimpered!  I was certain he would cry, but he never did. 

Ben about to get his vaccine.

He cried for that but only because David was holding him down.  As soon as he got up he was happy again and went right back to playing. 

I am so thankful for two healthy kids.  I am also thankful for the wonderful medical care we have access to.  We do not take either of those for granted.

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