Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ben's First Birthday

On Tuesday we celebrated Ben's 1st birthday.  I have spent a lot of time reminiscing about this time last year and being reminded of what a special time it was.  The births of my two boys are definitely two of the highlights of my life and times I will treasure and never forget!  We waited a long time to have them and when it comes to celebrating their lives we like to do it big.  I want them to feel loved and special all throughout the whole year, but especially on the day they were born. 

So with that being said, LET THE CELEBRATION BEGIN...

I started the tradition when Cruz turned one to have all of his gifts set out the night before his birthday for him to find when he woke up.  I wanted it to be like Christmas morning and him have the same excitement and anticipation for his birthday.  I plan to continue that tradition with both boys as long as I can.
Ben's birthday morning surprise

This was Ben when he woke up.  We all went in to see him and sing "happy birthday" to him.  When we opened the door he saw all the balloons (which he LOVES) hanging from his door and wanted to get them.  As you can see from the video below he was not at all impressed with us singing.  He just wanted to get to the balloons.

"happy birthday to  you..."

We then took him outside to see his gifts.  He was quite surprised to see all of the decorations and loved it. 
We had him a wooden toy box made.  He also got a wagon, an activity table, several books, a piggy bank, and a Little Einstein video.   

enjoying his new toys

For breakfast he had French toast and steamed apples.  We ate grilled cheese sandwiches with Cheetos and papaya for lunch.  All of his favorite foods.

The decorations for his party.  We had his party that afternoon from 4-6.  It was 104 that day and HOT.  Here in Guatemala they like to do birthday parties on the original birth day.  For that reason we had his party on a Tuesday.  I used the same decorations I had bought for Cruz's first birthday party and used the same clown theme as well. 

I made cupcakes for the kids and a round cake for the adults.  I used the same #1 candle that Cruz had.

No party here would be complete without a pinata (and lots of candy).

I had someone dress as a clown and paint the kids faces.

Our meal was tamales.  They might not look good here, but trust me- they were delicious!  They were made with chicken.  Ben ate like a little pig. haha  It is tradition here to serve tamales for the 1st birthday.   I started our own family tradition of rotating a Guatemalan food and an American food for their birthday's each year.  This year was Guatemalan and next year will be something American.  Thankfully both of my boys will celebrate birthdays in the States next year so that will make it fun and easy.

Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" in English and Spanish.  Cruz helped his little brother blow out the candle. 

Our sweet little Ben enjoying his sweet cupcake.  That was probably the highlight of his life so far, haha.

mama, daddy, and the birthday boy. 
He wore the same outfit and bib as Cruz (I love tradition!)

A photo of all the babies and mamas (and Kimberly in front). 
Ben is going to have a lot of playmates.

A group photo of everyone at the party.  We were minus a few who slipped out early. 

And lastly a family photo before bedtime.  We were all tired, but still very excited about all that we had done that day.  It was a fun day, a fun party, and a fun time of celebrating the life of our little Ben.  We love him and are so very glad he is a part of our little family.  Thank you Jesus for the blessing of children and the opportunity to celebrate their lives!

Stay tuned... we'll do it again for Cruz in just a few short weeks!

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