Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 2013 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala!  We hope each of you are doing well.  We are continuing to make slow progress in the village of Lagunetas.  We had a couple of Bible studies there last month and I recently began having a separate Bible study there with the children.  Both are going well and we have a steady group of regulars attending each week.  Pray for us as we prepare and share God's Word in that village.

We also recently began attending a weekly Bible study done in the Chorti language.  It is led by fellow missionaries John and Diana Lubeck.  Although we do not understand what is being said we are faithfully attending to hear the language being spoken.  We hope to start meeting with them this month and studying some grammar.  Pray for us as we attempt to learn some Chorti.

We have been getting out and traveling to some new areas in hopes of finding an open door to begin a new work.  We are specifically trying to target an area where there are Chorti speakers.  Would you pray that God would lead us to just the right place? 

We were able to visit and fellowship with several friends and missionaries over the past month and hosted many in our home.  It is always a blessing to gather with friends.  We are thankful for the many that God has placed in our lives since we arrived on the mission field. 

We are getting ready for the big celebration of Ben turning one year old this month (April 16).  We cannot believe he is already having a birthday!  He cut his first four teeth last month (all within a week).  He is crawling everywhere and exploring everything he can get to, reach, and put his hands on.  Cruz is loving school and doing very well there.  He even wants to go on the weekends so that is a good sign.  His favorite thing from the past month was attending a local circus.  He talks about it almost daily.  He thinks he is part boy/ part tiger.  He crawls around growling at everything.  He loves to get under chairs or under the clothes basket and pretend it is his cage.  He is so fun at this age!

Pray for a conference that David will be attending this week in Copan, Honduras for indigenous pastors and
leaders from all over Central America.  It will be a time for them (the locals) to get together and share about the work where each of them live.  Pray that it would be an encouraging time for them to be together.  They will be challenged by the North American missionaries to take the gospel to other unreached areas.  Pray that God might call out national missionaries this week to share the Good News in places we might not can reach.

Pray also for another Agricultural Institute that will take place in Copan, Honduras April 15-27.  It will be led by Dan Watson and his helpers.  David will be doing some Bible teaching during those two weeks to the students there.  Pray for him as he prepares and shares God's Word with them.  Pray that their hearts would receive it well.

Overall we are all doing great.  We are happy and content with where we are and what we are doing.  It is an honor to be called of God to tell others about Him.  Pray that we would be found faithful to that calling.  

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