Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break Road Trip Day 1

The school's in Guatemala are closed this week for Semana Santa (Holy Week).  We have been wanting to make a trip to Coban for a while now and thought since Cruz was out for a week it would be a good time to try to go.  We left on Tuesday morning and drove that way.  We had been having over 100 degree temps for more than a week so we were also thinking the cooler Coban weather would feel nice. 

Our first stop was just around the block from where we live.  We stopped by the Lubeck's to pick up a platter of cinnamon rolls to take to Miss Fran.  They also made us a platter to enjoy on the road.  Nice!

Our next stop was for a bathroom break/ leg stretch in El Rancho.  Even though it has been almost a year since we had stopped there somehow Cruz remembered it.  He yells out "ooh it's my favorite playground".  He has a photographic memory that blows us away sometimes. 
Cruz and Ben getting ready to go down the slide

Ben enjoyed himself also.

Me and Cruz
It was a fun stop and it set the tone for the rest of our week of travel.

It was cloudy in El Rancho and the closer we got to Coban the cooler it got.  It also started raining.  It was just like we remembered Coban- cool, rainy, and GREEN.  Oh my, we had forgotten just how green everything is up that way.  It is so dry, dusty, and brown where we are.  It was raining in Coban when we arrived.  It rained the whole time we were there, and was still raining when we left.  As for looking forward to the break from the heat in our area let's just say we were miserably cold and FREEZING in Coban.  It sure made us miss the warm weather we have now.  It's not always pleasant, but we like and prefer it.

There were many reasons we wanted to visit Coban and one of those on the top of our list was to see our friends the Wiseman's.  We just love them!  We first became good friends and formed a sweet bond with them when we all studied Kekchi together with Miss Fran.  We've been buddies ever since.  When we lived in Coban we would regularly get together with them, eat meals together, and play cards/ board games.  The last time we saw them in person was May 2011.  They drove to Sayaxche to see us before they went on furlough.  They left the country the first of June that year.  They did not return until this past December 2012.  Cruz was 11 months old when we saw them last (the same age as Ben is now).    We had a lot of catching up to do!  We met them for lunch at McDonald's in Coban on Tuesday.

Delrae and James meeting Ben for the first time.

We spent about two hours at McDonald's eating, drinking coffee, talking, and laughing.
David, Cruz, Ben, me, Delrae, and James

Afterwards we went to see Miss Fran.  We had not seen her in person since May 2012.  Ben was just a few weeks old.  It is crazy how fast the time gets away.  We had a sweet visit with her.  We left with plans to meet again for breakfast on Wednesday morning.

me, Miss Fran, and the boys 

Cruz and Miss Fran
Her yard always has the prettiest flowers!

We made a stop by the Coban mall.  We wanted to see if it had changed any since we were last there almost a year ago.  After looking around and shopping a little in the grocery store we let the boys play a minute in the game area. 

The boys riding the police motorcycle

We visited a few hotels looking for a place to stay.  Because of Semana Santa many were booked up.  We ended up getting to stay at one of my favorite hotels there- Don Antonio's.  I love this place.  It's really pretty.  We used to put our teams there sometimes.  I always wanted to stay myself but we never did.  I was glad to finally get to stay. 

Our room.
I picked a room on the street side knowing the traffic might be loud, but I liked that they had balconies that overlooked the street.  The boys enjoyed standing outside and watching the cars go by (and I did too, haha)

Later that afternoon the Wiseman's stopped by.  We ordered Domino's pizza for supper and had it delivered (Tuesday is 2x1 day).  We ate at the covered garden patio of the hotel.  They ended up staying until late that night just talking and visiting with us.  It was like old times!

supper in Coban

We got to bed pretty late, but with smiles on our faces from the fun day we had and anticipation in our hearts for the days ahead.

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