Monday, March 25, 2013

Splash Day

Today begins our Spring Break.  It is Semana Santa so all the schools are closed.  It is the one week out of the year that many locals love to travel.  There will be a lot of tourism going on this week as everyone goes and visits other parts of the country. 

Before he got out though he had a week of exams.  I was surprised that the preschoolers had exams, but they did.  I think he did okay.  The only thing the teacher mentioned he "failed"  was drawing his horizontal and vertical lines.  If that's all he missed then I am pretty proud of him.  He is learning a lot, and enjoying it very much.

To celebrate exams being over they had a Splash Day at a local park.  It has been over 100 degrees for the past week now so the idea of a water day sounded fun.. It was for all the kids who study in the mornings- preschool thru 6th grade.  Cruz was the only one who participated from his class, but he had a fun time playing with the older kids anyway. 

Instead of meeting at the school everyone was told to drop their kids off at the park instead.  It was optional for the parents to participate.  I wanted to go to watch Cruz play, but I also could not send him to a water function without my being there to watch him.  He's a little too active to be near water without constant supervision.   Come to think of it he's too active to be anywhere without constant supervision, haha.
Arriving at the park

Everyone gathering for instructions

Before getting started we all gathered under a pavilion and had a Bible study.  Mrs. Jane taught them the story of Jonah.  We also sang many praise songs.  It was a great way to get our morning started.  We are very pleased that Cruz is a part of such a great Christian school.  They are sharing God's Word each day with him. 

After that the kids divided into two groups, younger and older, to play some water games. 
filling water balloons
It was Harrison's last week at school so the younger kids got to give him a "goodbye" by hitting him with water balloons.  Poor Harrison!  Some of those kids threw hard.

We are going to miss Harrison being there!

Cruz even got in on the action

playing a balloon toss game

more fun with water balloons

then it was swim time! 

The place we visited, Don Memo's, has several little pools.  Each one is a different size and has a different depth.  The kids could swim in any one they wanted.  It also had a seating area around each one like a hot tub.  Cruz liked running around it.  He had so much fun playing with all the kids.  I was very glad he was able to be a part of such a fun day.

Cruz with his teacher, Miss Olexi

Here's a little video of the kids playing.  You can see Cruz in the bottom right corner wearing a hat and playing in a green ring.  It was a very fun day!

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