Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Weekend

On Friday night we drove into Chiquimula for our weekly family night outing.  This week we chose to eat at the food court of the mall there.  We enjoyed some cheeseburgers, fries, and a pizza.  From time to time they offer activities for the kids to do there.  This particular night they had a booth set up and let the kids make flower leis. 

Ben and Cruz at the food court

We got home within minutes of the Catholic processional passing by our house.  We stood in the gate and watched it go by. 

On Saturday morning we traveled up the mountain to the village of Lagunetas for our Bible study.  I have been wanting to do a separate study for the kids there, but it's just been too cold up there lately to do it.  This past week was cool, but not near as cold as the previous weeks.  I was glad the sun was shining.  So, while David taught the adults inside I took the kids down to the soccer field.  We sat down in a shady spot and had a Bible study.  I taught them the story of the creation.  It went well to be my first time.  David taught on the resurrection.  It was a good morning to be there and share God's Word.  We made plans to return this coming weekend.
me with a few of the kids after our Bible study time

We came home, ate lunch, put the boys down for naps, and then welcomed our friend and partner Dan Watson from Honduras.  He drove over to meet with us and go over some plans for the upcoming weeks.  One of the things he talked about was his desire for David to drive over once a week and lead a discipleship Bible study for the workers at the Ag Center in Copan.  David drove over today to meet and discuss with them about their desire to do that.  Dan is also planning another 6 week institute training beginning around the end of May.  He wants to do it for another village in Guatemala.  We will be trying to find a new area where we might could use it as a door opener. 

Next are a few photos I took of the boys Saturday evening after bath time.  We had plans to attend a local circus.  It did not start until 8:30 so we had some time to kill before we left.
We love these little clowns!

arriving at the circus
It advertised to start at 8:30.  Well, we arrived at 8:25 and it did not begin until 9:10.  It lasted until 10:45.  Ben fell asleep right before it ended and Cruz stayed up the whole time.  We were very surprised they both made it so late.  It was a good show though and Cruz had a blast!  He has talked about it non-stop ever since. 

our family arriving at the circus

Cruz enjoyed some popcorn. 
He was so good for us there and was just mesmerized by the whole show.

On Sunday morning in honor of St. Patrick's Day I made us green pancakes.  Cruz thought that was cool.

David had plans to go to Nearar that morning.  The boys and I stayed home.  Before he left Cruz had a little play time with David's Bible bag.  Here the men tote bags similar to the one Cruz is wearing below.  David wears it each week to Bible study and Cruz has picked up on that.  Maybe we'll be getting him his own Bible bag soon.

After nap time we visited a local gas station to get our vehicle washed and let the boys play on the trampoline.  Cruz asks to jump every time we pass by there.  It was Ben's first time to get to play on it.  He loved it!  Both boys had fun and we enjoyed watching them. 
It was a fun weekend and we enjoyed getting to spend it together as a family.

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