Friday, February 8, 2013


The photo below tells you just how our week has been.  Although we see no signs of a tooth coming in we are certain Ben is teething.  He began running fever on Sunday night and it has continued off and on all week.  He has been cranky, cranky, cranky for over a week now.  He feels bad.  He doesn't want to eat much.  He's just not a happy camper.  Nobody in our house (or neighborhood, lol) has slept much in the last week.  We are all tired (and maybe a little cranky ourselves haha).   Teething is not fun for him or us.
poor baby Ben!

With that being said I've still been able to get a few happy shots of him this week.  He's not always happy, but he's not always fussy either. 

I love his sweet smile!

We met some missionary friends for breakfast at McDonald's in Chiquimula on Tuesday morning.  We had a fun time eating around the table, talking, and laughing.  I am not sure if they serve a Wrap Americano in the States but we are crazy about it here!  It's a large flour tortilla wrapped with bacon, sausage, egg, a hash brown, and some type of ketchup sauce.  It is soo yummy.  We get one every chance we get.  Yum! 
Another favorite thing of mine lately is a Kit Kat McFlurry from McDonald's.  Oh my!!!  It's vanilla ice cream, crushed Kit Kat candy bars, and a fudge sauce blended together.  It's to die for!  Okay, so now I'm wanting to drive 45 minutes to McDonald's to get one, haha.  It's just that good.

We also bought groceries while in town.  I am still doing my meal planning and it is working great.  It makes grocery shopping so much easier.  Maybe I'll do a post about it soon.

On Wednesday David and I spent the morning making some home visits in an nearby village.  Cruz was at school and we left Ben at home napping with a sitter.  I think it was the first time we have been out doing ministry by ourselves since we had Cruz.  It felt weird, but it was also nice.  We laughed a lot.  We reminisced about our life on the mission field before we had kids.  We just enjoyed our morning!    
Me and David traveling the mountain back roads. 
Have I mentioned lately just how much I love my life!

Cruz went from doing great in school to deciding he no longer wants to go.  He has cried several days this week.  The teacher says it only lasts for a few minutes and then he is fine.  We are not sure just what is going on, but him squeezing my leg and not wanting me to leave him is not his normal personality.  He's much too outgoing for that.  I talked to the director about it and she thinks (like we do) that it has a lot to do with the language barrier he is experiencing.  They say he understands well but is having a hard time responding and saying what he wants to say.  He is showing a lot of frustration because he cannot communicate like he wants to.  I understand that it is a natural part of language learning and it will pass, but it makes my heart a little sad to see him upset.  If he can hang in there and get over this "hump" he will most likely be communicating really well in no time.  Would you pray for him (and mama too).

We'll be starting the stove project today in the village of Lagunetas.  The workers will be installing five stoves over the next two days in different homes.  We'll be on hand to chat with the people and further try to build relationships with them.  I'll post photos of our time there soon. 

That's pretty much our week in a nutshell.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Poor Cruz! I still remember the terrible feeling of not being able to respond to people even though I knew what they were asking! Keep praying; God will help him learn!


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