Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Preschool So Far

Last Friday Cruz completed his first two weeks of preschool.  He is adjusting more and more and really seems to love it.  He is almost never ready to go when we pick him up.  He wants to stay and play longer.  He appears happy and that makes us happy.  Here are a few photos I have taken of him lately-

This was taken on the second day of school.  He came home wearing a name tag and a smiley face necklace. 

The second week he started wearing a uniform.  Four days a week he wears this polo shirt.  The school has someone making the students gray pants to wear with it, but they are not ready yet. 

He has this smock/ vest that he wears over his shirt to protect it.  I am thankful because you can imagine how dirty a white shirt gets on a little boy.  It has two large pockets on the front that comes home full of sand, dirt, snack, etc. every day.  Thursday is P.E. day.  On that day he wears a white school t-shirt with maroon track pants.  He has the pants but they need to be altered.  Once we get them done I'll post a photo of that uniform.

One morning on the way to school.

He loves playdoh.  Many days his teacher has some out on the tables waiting for the kids to arrive.  He runs right in and picks it up and starts playing.  He has some in his hands here but you can't see it.  She always has something ready for them to do when they get there.  I like that.

Two things I was not expecting when we registered him for school was 1) that he would have homework and 2) the amount of homework he would have.  In addition to his two workbooks he has a notebook for each class- pre-math, English, Science, and learning skills.  The teacher sends home each book with written instructions for him to complete.  Some things are due the next day, and others are due later in the week.  Last week he had to find and glue a picture of a school in his notebook.  He had to find and glue pictures of the different plants at his school.  He had to find and glue pictures of different parts of his school.  He had to get colored tissue paper, cut it into squares, and glue it onto a tree.  He had to glue a family photo in one of his notebooks.  He had to provide bottle caps, nails, and a wooden spoon to make a musical instrument.  He had to connect the dots on a page by drawing straight lines.  He had a page in his notebook and a separate work sheet where he had to trace over squiggly lines using crayons.  He didn't have homework over the weekend and I was really happy about that!
a photo of a few of his completed assignments

Here he is with one of them.  He looks pretty proud of it!

Here he is with more playdoh and his musical instrument they made in his other hand.  

Playing outside one day when I picked him up.  There is a sandbox behind him but it was covered up.

David walking him into school one morning.

I miss him terribly when he is away, but I know he is having a fun time.  He is learning a lot and comes home with new vocabulary almost daily.  He's growing up and it sure is fun to watch him!

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