Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year's Eve 2013

Our New Year's Eve began with a little breakfast fun.  I made banana pancakes for breakfast.  I did Cruz's in the shape of a snowman.  He loved it!

It has been our tradition to travel on New Year's.  Every year we have gone to Flores and celebrated at the lake.  We love that!  This year we considered it, numerous times, but when it came down to it we just didn't want to travel that far.  It would have been a 7-8 hour trip.  In the end, I am glad we decided to stay close by.  We ended up driving over to Copan, Honduras for the night.  It's only about 45 minutes away. 

We didn't leave the house until after lunch because we could not check into the hotel until the afternoon.  It is not normally our habit to make reservations when we travel.  This time I wish we would have.  We got there and they only had one room left- a suite.  We left and went to check several other places also and they were all  booked up.  Who would have thought so many other people would have wanted to celebrate New Year's there also.  We went back to our original place and took the last room. 

After getting settled in we hit the streets.  We went to a little grocery store to get a few snack and drink items.  They had Dr. Pepper!  We visited a few pacas.  We went to the coffee shop.  I enjoyed another Maya Frozen and a piece of carrot cake.  YUM! 
walking the cobble stone streets of Copan, Honduras

me and my boys on New Year's Eve
a family picture before heading back out for the night

David and the boys in the Central Park.  We spent some time there that evening.  Cruz loved running around and seeing all the people.

me and Cruz in the Central Park of Copan

That night we ate supper at Jim's Pizza.  It is always delicious.

After walking around some more we returned to our room for the night.  We gave the boys a bath, and let them play before bedtime.
David and the boys having a little New Year's Eve fun

We put the kids to bed and then spent the evening watching television.  We flipped between the LSU/ Clemson game and CNN's coverage of the New Year's Eve celebration in New York City.  That is always something I love to watch on New Year's.  I just wish we had another channel other than CNN to watch it on.  Kathy Griffin is obnoxious! ugh

Ben woke up about 12:30 coughing and sick.  It was several hours before we got him back down for the night.  It felt like we had just got in the bed when Cruz woke up around 6:15.  It was a long, sleepless night and it made for a long, tiring New Year's Day.  We did enjoy hearing the midnight fireworks though.  Another thing I love about New Year's.

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