Friday, January 11, 2013

Fun Foto Friday

Any other bloggers having trouble uploading photos?  I am on day eight now and it is driving me nuts!  They say they are fixing the problem, but it sure is taking a long time. 

Anyway, here are some photos I have taken this week-
I decorated Cruz another pancake. 
 I am on the lookout for other food art things to fix him.  Any suggestions?

We have had several beautiful sunsets this week.  I love looking out in the evenings at the views.  Living in the mountains has it's advantages.

sweet little Ben

The boy loves some boots! 
The locals love these boots too and all the men want a pair just like them.

hard at play

I've enjoyed a lot of cooking this week.  I started meal planning several weeks ago and it is going well.  It makes me feel a lot more organized and I do not have to go into the kitchen and wonder "what's for supper..."  Today I made egg mcmuffins for breakfast.  I made them Guatemalan style and put eggs, black beans, and cheese on them.  They were delicious!

It's been warm around here, as usual.  The boys have played in the water several afternoons this week.   I love that Ben is now big enough to play also.
silly boys!

Our bedtime routine now includes the boys having some time to clown around.  We put them to bed and within minutes we hear the sweetest little giggles coming from their room.  Ben crawls down to the end near Cruz's bed and they just play and have the best time.  They eventually fall asleep or we go in to settle them back down.  I love how they are really starting to interact with each other.

I posted this photo on facebook and added the caption "Oh, the places they will go".  They are definitely on the move these days and Ben is right on Cruz's heels.  They are two peas in a pod.

I am not sure what's worse here- Cruz's face or his hair, haha.  He had a little "accident" with his markers.

David went to town (Chiquimula) on Monday to visit several dental clinics to try to find us a new dentist.  We have always used a dentist in Guatemala City but would like to find one closer to do cleanings.  He found one he liked and made himself an appointment for Tuesday and me an appointment for Thursday.  We both liked her, and will most likely be going back again in six months for our next cleaning.
Ben with our new dentist.  She just loved getting to hold him and love on him.  It was sweet!

Happy Friday, Y'all! 
We hope you have a great weekend!

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