Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Bible Study In Lagunetas

This past Sunday we had our first Bible study in the village of Lagunetas.  This has been a prayer request of ours for a long time now.  We are happy to finally have an open invitation to go and teach there.  We met in the home of one of the students who participated in the study in Honduras.  We had about 14 there (not counting our family).  It went very well for a first time.  They asked us to come back so that was a good sign.    

Here are a few photos from this past Sunday-
David telling a Bible story

Most all of them brought the Bibles they were given at their graduation service in Honduras.

This is the table in the home.  The lady had it decorated really pretty for us.

Ben was passed around by everyone.  He was sweet and let them all hold him and love on him.

Cruz spent most of his time climbing trees. 

If the other kids (who were all older than him) did something he followed right behind.

Here he is jumping up and down telling me he was a monkey.  He had me very tired by the time we left.

We'll be back there this Sunday for another time of study.  Pray for us as we prepare, and pray for God to prepare their hearts to hear His word.

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