Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cruz's Second Trip To The Dentist

Cruz had his second teeth cleaning on Wednesday morning.  His first dentist visit was shortly after his second birthday.  It was a crazy morning trying to get up, get dressed, and get out the door.  It just seemed like we couldn't get moving.  We finally got Cruz in his car seat and as we were taking Ben to the car he threw up.  We changed his clothes, got everything cleaned up, and got on our way. 

We needed to make a quick stop by the US Embassy to pick up David's new passport.  I went inside to get it and David sat in the car with the boys.  While inside Ben threw up again. ugh!  Cruz's dentist office is not far from the Embassy so I took him to his appointment and David stayed in the car with Ben to clean everything up.  He acted like he did not feel very well, but after a morning nap he seemed fine and did not get sick anymore. Traveling in general is hard enough but, this particular trip into Guatemala City just kept having little bumps in the road that made it extra stressful. 

Cruz did great at his appointment.  At one point he got a little nervous and cried saying he wanted to get down out of the dental chair.  He calmed down and was able to finish getting his teeth cleaned.  He was a trooper.  Here are some photos I took of him-
Here he is waiting to catch the elevator. 

I love his sweet smile here!  He was walking down the hall to the clinic.  He looks like such a big boy.
 (I could not get the red eye to correct without making his whole eyes look black)

He had fun playing while he waited to be called back.

sitting in the dental chair waiting for the dentist to come in

All cleaned up and ready to go!  He's good for another six months.

He immediately asked the dentist for a sucker.  The dentist just laughed.  I had to explain to him that dentists do not give suckers because they are not good for your teeth.  Instead they asked him if he wanted a sticker.  He said he wanted two- a purple one and a rojo one.

After his first dental cleaning we took him to the yogurt shop at the food court in the building and let him pick out a yogurt and topping.  He got strawberry with gummy bears on top.  It was fun and we thought we would make that our dentist tradition.  We had been telling him that if he did good at the dentist he could go get yogurt and any topping he wanted.  He was pretty excited about that.  WELL, we get downstairs and the yogurt shop had changed.  BUMMER!  I was just as disappointed as he was.  So, instead we went to another vendor and got him a strawberry and banana smoothie.  He seemed pretty happy with that instead.
Cruz with his smoothie.  I got two straws and we shared it.

David and the boys

Our first born is growing up and getting to be such a big boy.  It's such a joy to watch him grow and experience life.  He can be a handful but overall he's a really fun kid.

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