Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cruz's First Day Of Preschool

Cruz started preschool on Monday.  He woke up around 6:00 a.m. ready to go.  We took him to use the bathroom and then put him back in the bed.  I set his alarm for 6:30 and told him to rest until the clock went off.  He didn't go back to sleep, but he stayed in bed and was very quiet.  It gave me time to get dressed, put a load of clothes in the washer, and start breakfast.  When he got up he watched cartoons until time to eat.  He always likes to watch Disney Junior in the mornings before breakfast time.
Waking up on his first day of school

For his first day of school breakfast I made him a letter "C" pancake and served it on our celebration  plate.  We always use that plate for special occasions.  I lined his plate with his favorite fruit- mandarin oranges.  He drinks milk with every meal.
He loved it!

He then got dressed and played/ rode his bike until time to leave.
Cruz on his first day of school

I wanted a quick family photo before we left.  We look as tired as we were feeling in this picture.  Ben did not sleep well the night before and had us up from about 1:30 a.m. until he finally went back to deep sleep around 5:00 a.m.  Cruz woke up at 6:00.  It was a long, sleepless night.  Those seem to be normal around our house. 

He was soo excited in the car all the way to school!

Here he is walking down the sidewalk to his school.  He looks like such a big boy!

When we entered his classroom his teacher showed him his seat.  There was one other little girl there but when we picked him up we noticed she had been moved to another class.  I think she was older and just in the wrong room.  There are two other students in his class- a boy named Carlos and a girl named Diana.  

We left him there and he seemed happy. I got back in the car, and I cried.  It was terribly hard for me to leave my child in the care of someone else.  He is with us 24/7 and even though I get tired and want a break at times the reality of it is that I really do not like to be apart from my kids.  I like having them around me.  I like knowing they are safe and in my protection.  I know he will enjoy himself there, but it doesn't mean that this mama's heart is not sad to see him go and grow.
School lets out at 11:30.   We got there about 11:15 (eager, haha)  They were having an assembly outside.  One of the workers opened the gate to let us in so we could watch the end of it.  We stayed to the back so Cruz would not see us.   The school has an American college student from Colorado there for three months to teach English and drama.  He was doing several religious skits for the kids, and sharing Jesus with them.  It blessed our hearts to see it!  They did not finish until 11:45.  I could not wait to get my hands on Cruz!

The entrance to his classroom.

When we picked him up he was glad to see us, but at the same time he was not ready to leave.  He wanted to stay and play some more.  His teacher had just given him a treat bag filled with chocolate cookies, marshmallows, and candy.  He was devouring his cookies as fast as he could.  She said he had cried a little.  They had to go get Harrison (the American college student) to come talk to him in English and calm him down.  Harrison said it worked well and he was fine the rest of the day.  I am glad he is there so that in time of need he can step in and encourage Cruz.  The director speaks some English but that is it.  He is totally immersed in a Spanish environment all morning long.

Here he is showing me his artwork.  He had painted this pretty picture in his favorite color- red.

All the way home he kept showing me his treat bag from his teacher.  He loved it.  I hope he doesn't think he is going to get candy everyday, haha.

He came home, ate lunch, and went straight to bed.  He was soo tired!  He slept for 3 hours (which is normal for him).  He said he had a fun day and I am glad he did.   I hope he continues to like it.

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