Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ben's 9 Month Update

Our Little Ben turned 9 months old! 
I have now officially held him in my arms as long as I carried him in my stomach. 
He's a sweetie!

*   He weighs 16.4 pounds.  He had his 9 month checkup this week.  Because he is not gaining more than a few ounces each month we are going to start supplementing him with some formula each day in addition to him nursing and eating solid foods.  Since he is so active now the doctor thinks he needs more calories so we will do that with formula.
*   He is 29 inches long
*   He wears size 9 month clothes and size 2 shoes
*   He wears size 3 diapers
*   His hair is light brown and his eyes are blue/ gray
*   He has no teeth and there are no signs of any about to come in
*   He is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything.  He is busy, busy, busy these days.

*   He just celebrated his first Christmas.  We spent it at our home in Camotan, Guatemala.  He was obsessed with the tree and always tried to get to it and pull off the ornaments. 
*   He just celebrated his first New Year's.  We traveled to Copan, Honduras for the night.  We visited the Macaw Mountain Bird Park on New Year's Day.  He was up sick for several hours on New Year's Eve.  It was a long night for all of us.
*   He is a good eater.  He loves solid foods!  New foods I have introduced this month have been eggplant, butternut squash, and papaya.  He also had his first taste of a tamale thanks to his daddy.  He is now eating chicken, beef, and turkey mixed in his food.  I make all of his baby foods that he eats at home and he eats store bought food we brought back from the States when we travel.
*   He started eating finger foods this month.  So far he has eaten Cheerios, Gerber Puffs, Gerber Yogurt Melts, bread, graham crackers, and shredded cheddar cheese.
*   We are continuing to introduce him to a sippie cup. 
*   He does not like to have his face cleaned after meals!

*   He adores his big brother and watches his every move.  Now that he is crawling he is trying to follow his every move as well.  We are bracing for the walking stage!
*   He wants everything Cruz has whether that be toys, snacks, his sippie cup, books, etc.  If Cruz has it, Ben wants it.
*   With that being said, he cries when you take things from him.  That's not good when you have an older big brother who is used to having everything to himself.
*   He loves balls
*   He loves to chew on shoes.  He will crawl across the room to get to a pair of shoes.  I have to make sure we keep our shoes out of his reach.
*   He takes two naps a day.  He will usually sleep from around 9-11 in the mornings and 2-4ish in the afternoons.

*   He pulls hair really bad.  I have to keep mine pulled up all the time.
*   When being carried on the hip he turns his body and both arms forward.  That is the only way he will let you hold him.  He loves to be facing out so he can see everything going on around him.
*   He is still not sleeping through the night (sigh).  We are two tired parents!
*   He is not very snugly.  He does not like to lay his head on your shoulder.  He doesn't like to be squeezed and loved on.  He will push away and try to turn from you.  He's just too busy for that haha 
*   He is very ticklish.  He likes for me to bite on his feet and fingers.  He will chuckle out loud. 
*   He loves playing with Cruz at bedtime.  Many nights we go in and Cruz is in the crib with him and they are just playing, laughing, and having the best time.  I love watching them interact!

He is growing up way too fast for this mama's heart.  My baby will not be a baby much longer!  I am trying to cherish every moment I have with him.  I look at Cruz and then look at Ben and wonder where has the time gone.  In no time Ben is going to be an active toddler. I'll look back at these days and even though they can seem hard now I know that I will only be remembering the fun times we have had with him.  He is such a sweet blessing from God and we are so thankful he is a part of our little family.

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  1. What a Precious baby! Cruz has grown up to be a little doll as well! May God rain his blessings down on you and yours as you go about Your Father's Business".

    Love and Prayers,


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