Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Little Family Fun At Chuck E Cheese

I'll take any excuse to turn a day into a celebration especially when it comes to my kids.  So when Ben turned 9 months old last Wednesday I knew I wanted to do something special.   When I realized we would be in Guatemala City that day I got a little more excited because there are just more options of things to do there.  I decided it would be fun to eat lunch at Chuck E. Cheese and let them play.  I realize Ben is a little small for that place right now, but he liked all the noises and lights.  I think I just like places like that so I take the kids so I can enjoy it, haha.  Overall we all had a fun time and that's all that really matters.
Here's Ben waking up on his 9 month birthday.  I always tell both of my boys "Good Morning, Sunshine" when I first see them.  I love to snuggle them up in the mornings!

me and Ben at Chuck E. Cheese waiting on our pizza to be brought out

Cruz has been there several times before but this time he was really able to enjoy it the most.  He had fun!

eating lunch

Our little family at Chuck E Cheese January 2013

Below is our family photo the last time we were there- April 2012.  We were celebrating Cruz turning 23 months old.  Ben was about 10 days old in this picture.  My how time is flying by!

Fun days like this just make me smile.  There is nothing that I enjoy more than just being together with my little family.  Whether we be out and about or just sitting around at home- I just love being together! 

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