Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Storying In Honduras

David traveled over to Honduras on Thursday afternoon to teach his evening Bible study at the Agricultural Institute.  He came back home the same night.  On Friday we all drove over together.  It was our first time to go with him since the training began.  I was excited to see the young people who are there from the village of Lagunetas.  Most of the girls met us at the car door and took Ben from me right away.  I don't think he was put down again until we left.  He got a lot of sweet loving! 

The training is going well.  David is enjoying his time of teaching Bible stories and the group seems real receptive to it.  They answer questions, and dialogue back and forth about the stories.  Before finishing he told them of his desire to keep teaching them after the agricultural training ends.  He asked them to consider inviting him to come to their village and continue teaching them there.  There are 10 students from the village of Lagunetas at the training.  Pray that at least one of them would have a desire to learn more and invite us to come.

A few of the girls and Ben

I am so glad that both of my boys let the locals hold them and love on them!

Another reason I really wanted to go this weekend was that Dan's dad, Mr. Harold, was there teaching.  We first met him back in February, and just love him!  I was so excited to see him again and get to visit with him in person.  He is a retired IMB missionary to the Philippines.  He now lives in Terry, MS which is just up the highway from our hometowns.  He is a sweet man! 
Mr. Harold, me, and the boys. 
Just before we snapped the photo Ben reached over to grab his glasses, haha

David teaching

Dan challenging the students to share the Bible story with at least one other person this week.

Dan answering questions

We were supposed to have two more weeks of training, but some of the young men need to be in their village this coming weekend to work their crops.   Instead we have decided to skip this weekend and just do a longer session the following weekend.  They will meet from Wednesday- Saturday, December 12-15.  David will be teaching all three nights.  There will be a graduation service for the students on Saturday morning the 15th.  We are looking forward to that time of being together again.

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  1. We are SO excited to hear what God is doing in this project. I know that God will use this training and the time together to create the desire for future follow up with David storying. God has a plan! And He is actively working that plan using you as His heart, His hands, His voice! Love you bunches!


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