Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mission Christmas Party 2012

Last Thursday we had our annual mission Christmas party at the Hardeman's home in Guatemala City. It is always a fun time of being together with our IMB mission family. 
We all bring covered dishes and have a large lunch meal together.

Carol and Ben

Roger, Gary, Jeff T., Jeff M., Noemi, and Vicki

Margie, Karen, Helen, and Glynis- sweet ladies!

Bethani and Cruz

After our meal we always play some wacky games.  Here are David and Daniel trying to string small wreaths onto chopsticks that they had to transport to another table and place on a Christmas tree.  It is always fun to laugh at and with each other during this game time.  I was involved in a snow ball fight game but did not get any photos of it. 

One game had people tossing marshmallows through a wreath into a basket. 

Cruz decided to start picking up all of the marshmallows as they fell on the ground and eating them. 

This picture makes me laugh out loud!   Look at those cheeks! He was hilarious gathering up all the marshmallows.  He was fast about it too.  We all got a good laugh watching him in action.

he loves marshmallows

The MK's usually draw names during our time together for Thanksgiving and swap gifts at the party.  Here is Cruz opening his gift.

He got this remote control truck.  I am not sure who has played with it more- him or us.  We love his new toy.

The adults bring gag gifts and play a white elephant game.  It's always interesting to see what kinds of gifts are brought. 

A group photo of the MK's- many were home from college to spend the holiday's with their family here in Guatemala

A group photo of all of us- minus one or two
We have a great mission family and we are thankful to be able to serve with these wonderful people!

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