Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Come On, Mommy

On Sunday we all made the trip to the village of Nearar for Bible study.  I love going I just wish it was not so physically difficult to get there!  I took many rest stops going down and coming back up the mountain.  Almost every time Cruz would look back and tell me "come on, mommy."  He wanted us to all stay together.  I made it (of course or else I would not be typing this, haha), but I said as I usually do that I won't be going back... it's just too hard.  I am sure I'll return though.  I always do. 

The boys getting loaded into the car that morning.  Cruz was excited about going "to work" with his daddy.

Me and the boys on the trail. 
This is probably the flattest part of the hike, and the only wide open part.

We always arrive a little before ten, because we are supposed to start at ten.  But, it is always closer to eleven before things get going.  Most people will not even begin to start coming until they get word that we are there.  The man of the house always calls every week while we are in route.  We always tell him that we are on our way.  He still waits until we get there to start getting ready.  He also waits and starts calling others to tell them we are having the Bible study once we actually get to his house.   This type of behavior does not bother the locals one bit.  It only irritates the time conscious North Americans.  haha  Having the extra time does give us a good chance to visit with the family and play with all the kids so we really do not mind. 

Cruz played soccer with some of the boys.

Some of the older boys played marbles.

David and Ben

Ben with one of the faithful ladies to our study

While waiting to get started the family picked black beans.  All of the kids pitched in to help.

They all knew just what to do.  Even the little baby girl helped shell them.  It was funny to watch her considering that she is so young.

At one point Cruz takes David's notes and decides to "read" a Bible story to some of the kids hanging out.  It was precious!

Cruz in action

We always begin our study times by singing a few songs.

All of the kids sit still and pay close attention to what is going on except ours.  He is all over the place!  At one point on Sunday morning he just turned his stool over and sat inside it.  He thought he was so funny- most everyone else did too except for his parents.

Cruz loves playing with these boys and girls.

These are a few of the sweet faces we get to see and teach every Sunday morning.  Would you pray for them to know the Jesus that we try to teach them about each week?

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