Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Open House

On Monday night we attended a Christmas open house at our landlord's property.   Each year she decorates really big and then invites the local community to come one night and see it.  Her property is behind a large wall so you cannot see it just driving by.    Even though we live just down the road it was our first time to see it.  We were amazed at how pretty it was.  I always enjoyed looking at Christmas lights while in the States and this helped fill that void for me this year.  
She has a HUGE tree on the second floor patio of her property.  You can see it from all over town.

This picture is not very good but it shows you some of the crowd.  There were people everywhere! 

She has several of these inflatable things all around. 

Cruz liked looking at everything.

She had an area that had about 20 animated toys.  The locals really liked squeezing the buttons and making them sing/ dance/ move.  They were fascinated.  It was by far Cruz's favorite thing of all.  He spent a lot of time in this area.  He LOVES those types of toys.

His favorite of all was this motorcycle.

There was a youth choir that sang Christmas carols.

They gave out tickets and drew for many door prizes.  This is our landlady, Nancy, calling out the numbers.  They also gave out candy canes and hot chocolate to everyone.  We sure had fun and saw a lot of familiar faces of people we have met around town.

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